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This individual record  indicates, I believe, JOSEPH ANTOINE DROUET DERICHARVILLE's baptism, second marriage and burial occurred in the St. Pierre parish in Sorel. The information for the first marriage to Tacumwah was not from a parish, it was a tribal marriage in her village in the "up country". Google translates the note at the bottom as "It appears completely likely that it was he who married tacumwah, the daughter of the chief of the miamis in indiana, circa 1757 in the pays-d'en-haut." To me, saying it is "likely" indicates that there is no solid source for this information. Does anyone know where PRDH-IGD got this information?

Information I have previously seen in publications, etc, gives different parents for the Joseph Antoine who married Tacumwah, so I would like to know where this information came from.