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Greetings from Massachusetts,

Montreal Anglican Church has a record for the marriage of William Hodgins and Marie-Madeline Lebecque L'Esperance Oct. 18, 1783. The couple went on to have 15 children, and all are documented in the PRDH. The wife's family can be traced back to France, but the husband is a mystery.

In his children's baptism records, he is variously listed as 'tailor', 'artisan', 'English', 'from United States', 'from American Nation'. It is possible that he entered Quebec as a loyalist. It is also possible that his parents were expelled from Acadie, and after his birth in the US, he migrated to Canada with an Anglicized name. I have been trying to determine his parentage and origin, but have no results.

If anyone has suggestions, information, etc, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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