Lynne Zastre-Johnston
My ancestor was a hessian soldier who went by his French name Jean Andre Sasse (szass) married Marie Reine contre (contray) Lived in berthier en haut, daughter of Francois contre and marguerite tessier. What I’m looking for is more information regarding the Brunswick troops that were billeted with French families . I can’t find any previous information on what his German name was or his time in Germany. His parents according to marriage records were Christian Sasse and Catherine spolerder of Calvin duchy Magdebourg! Are there any records in Quebec regarding these soldiers?
Sorry, didn't realize it was your post!!!!!
Hello, So let me add a little of what I know. My maternal side is a French Canadian family named Sigman (Seigmund). As someone else indicated, many Ayottes, Gilbert, Desrochers, Moreau, Jacques surrounding this paternal french speaking Sigman...... My mother's paternal line is of Hessian conscripted lineage in Québec city in 1775. Regarding your Sasse lineage. I have a book "German Mercenaries in Canada" by J.P. Wilhelmy. The Sasse name shows up in a list of mercenaries but not in the list of Brunswickers from that book, so might be a Hessian. The book is not indexed by family name but by regiment. I did a quick check, did not see which regiment this Sasse was with but not in the index of Brunswickers.... Knowing where in Québec they settled or married might help narrow down the regiment or detachment they were with. I'll keep looking through the book and hope to find the name. If anything like my German ancestor, marriage in Québec to a french girl might have happened in the Anglican Church. However all of the children were baptized in the french roman catholic church.
Regarding American Colonies Revolutionary War and "German Mercenaries" something that is often missed or forgotten is that these "Mercenaries" came from many countries, Great Britain had money to invest in mercenary soldiers and hired from many countries... Following: Austria, Belgium, Brandenburg, Canada, Denmark, Spain, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Holland, Poland, Pomerania, Portugal, East Prussia, West Germany, East Germany, Silesia, the Austrian low Countries, Bohemia, Moravia, etc. So Mercenaries could be from any of these countries at the time of 1775 -1783.
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