I have a bit of a puzzle and am hoping this is the place to ask my question. The family in question lived in Aitkin, MN in the later half of 1800.
Helene (Ellen) Maurice (Morris) is the wife of John Benjamin Howard (Houart) from Belgium, and her parents are from French Canada. She was born in Quebec approx. 1844 (Anywhere around 1842-1850, her census records have different birth dates and ages listed) and died 14 March 1901 in Kimberly, Aitkin, MN. She and John were married in Ramsey, MN in 1863, so we know she was living in MN by then.
Helene's parents are Peter (Pierre) Andre Maurice "Morris" b. 24 April 1824 in Normandie, France, died 24 February 1875, in Wright County, MN and Clotilde "Clotine" Perron. I am attempting to locate Clotilde's parents. I have a suspect couple but am confused about what I am seeing on PRDH and GenealogieQuebec.

PRDH #228169 has the family of Pierre Maurice and Josephe Perron. Pierre's father in Losangelique Maurice and his mother is Victoire Angelique Lenoir. Josephe's parents are Joseph Perron and Josephe Joachim Riendeau. (PRDH couple number 102109.) They have a daughter, Clotilde, born 1817-04-20 with no other information. They have another daughter, Josephe, with NO birth date and who is married to Pierre Maurice in 1844. My question is, can these two sisters, Clotilde and Josephe, actually be one and the same woman? If no, where is the birth record for Josephe, who would have been born during the time these records were kept? Every other child in the family has a birth/baptism record.

The marriage of Pierre Maurice and Josephte Perron is found 13 February 1844 in the Drouin record. I can find no such record for Pierre Maurice and Clotilde Perron, which makes me think Clotilde and Josephte are the same woman.

I have not encountered a situation like this before and am grateful for any assistance!

Thank you,
It's been a while, but anyway: Clotilde Perron married under the name Josephe, hence the mix-up. She was indeed born in April 1817 to Joseph Perron and Josephe Joachim Riendeau...
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