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I am currently researching Marie Brunet dit Letang born around 1804-1807 (married to Andre Monet dit Boisvenue/Boismenu) I am wondering if anyone has come across "Person" errors in church records, where the record is not actually the person it is labelled?

There are two different trees of descendants for Marie and Marie Louise, both daughters of Joseph Brunet dit Letang and Louise Dufour, so they do not appear to be the same woman. It appears that possibly one of two sisters has been recorded as the other.

The first record is from May 6, 1822 (document # 5720466.) The writing is not clear on this document, but I believe it should have said Marie Lucie (not Louise as it is labelled.) However, she is clearly labelled as being age of majority and Marie Lucie would have been 15.

The second record is from November 20, 1832 - a marriage between Joseph Gaultier and Louise Brunet dite Letan (sic) again, the daughter of Joseph Brunet dit Letang and Louise Dufour.

It's a big difference in ages for first marriage for the sisters - one would have been 15, the other 31.

Is anyone researching this line and seen this? Or has anyone seen errors like this in church docs previously?

I'm relatively new at this so I apologize in advance if I've missed something obvious.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
The priest called the person marrying Joseph Gauthier in 1832 "Louise" but her name was actually "Lucie", as shown by her name in the baptisms of her children. She was born in 1807. Louise, born in 1801, thus married Andre Monet.
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