I write today seeking information on my 3x great grandmother - a brick wall in my family history. My great-great-great grandparents were Paul (1846 - 1925) Desmarais GDWL-LBS and Eliza (abt. 1842 - 1877) born Phaneuf GDWL-5JH. Their history is somewhat of a mystery to me. I think they may have been married in Quebec or Connecticut, but I haven't been able to find proof of this yet.

I’m hoping that a sacramental marriage record from circa 1867 exists for Paul and Eliza (their first child was born in 1868 in Thompson, Connecticut based on a civil birth record).

I have the 1877 burial record for Eliza Phaneuf at Saint Bernardin de Sienne, Waterloo.

Possible name variations: Paul/Napoleon Desmarais/Desmarets/Demarra

Eliza/Elise/Elisabeth/Eléas Phaneuf/Faneuf/Farnsworth

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Darcy Kirtzinger
Leduc County, Alberta, Canada