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My gr uncle Charles Albert Mills emigrated to Saskatchewan around 1911 with his wife Daisy. They raised 4 girls in Kelfield but around 1926 Charles disappeared.......after many years of searching i found that he had died in 1967 in St Hubert Quebec and had been cremated at Mount Cemetery crematorium. He never remarried and we as a family would love to find out what happened to him between 1926 and 1967. If anyone knows anything about this man pls do get in touch.

What was Daisy's last name?
This is likely to be a coincidence but I found two marriages between a Charles Mills and a Daisy in Quebec, one in 1926 and one in 1928.

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Let me know if you see any connection.

Otherwise, it would be hard to find any information regarder Charles Albert Mills, as most genealogical information available relates to births, marriages and burials, and you apparently already have the information pertaining to his death and burial.

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