A year ago, I entered the data for the marriage of Monique RICHARD to Charles MELANSON 11/19/1804 at St. Jacques into WikiTree ( I was going to trace her further back when I found that there is disagreement, at least in the community, about who her parents really are, so I left her parentage unknown, with a note. PRDH shows her parents as Jean Baptiste RICHARD and Mathurine THERIAULT. When I translate the Drouin record at;_phstart=successSource  , I agreed with this assignment. Of course, I only translated the first lines that showed their parents.

But when I look at, many have her parents as Joseph RICHARD and Anne DUGAS. And indeed, Joseph and Anne had a daughter named Monique born in 1783, for whom no marriage is given in PRDH. Further, Jean Baptiste RICHARD has NO daughter Monique recorded as having been born 1783 or so. Now I am being asked to merge "my" Monique RICHARD into a new one ( with parents Joseph RICHARD and Anne DUGAS. The conflicting information later in the marriage transaction has been pointed out, saying that Joseph Theotime DUGAS pere was present, as were her brothers Antoine and Abraham RICHARD, among the many guests. In addition, Joseph DUGAS, uncle, and what looks to me like Josephe DUGAS, cousine.

The death record ( from 1867 St. Jacques only gives her spouse's name.

I can translate the French if I can read the script, but the film is not great (no worse than many!), and I am not an expert at reading the script.

Joseph Theotime RICHARD and Jean Baptiste RICHARD were brothers. Would the brother of Monique's aunt have been referred to as "oncle"?

Can anyone help with a transcription in French of the entire transaction? Have any of you run into this marriage in the past? How do I resolve the assignment of Monique's parents?

Thanks very much!