Eric Scheuneman
François Bouché/Boucher Search Request
I am looking for any information on the following two men who may be my direct ancestor:
François Bouché/Boucher - worked for the North West Company in 1786 as
milieu in the Athabasca region.
Jean-Marie Bouché/Boucher - worked for the North West Company in 1786 as
devant in the Athabasca region.
Both are referenced on pages 137-138 in The English River Book Edited with an
Introduction by Harry W. Duckworth (1990) which describes activities and people employed
by the North West Company in the Lake Athabasca region during several months of 1786.
I think either or both of these Boucher men were born In Quebec between the years 1746-
I think they may be related - as brothers, cousins or, less likely, father & son.
I have documented two next generation Boucher persons as my direct ancestors - but their
father and grandfather are the missing links!
Please contact me by email if you have any information or if you want further information.
Eric Scheuneman ..... Boucher Descendant (for sure - but from whom?)
Boucher is a very common name but fortunately, Jean-Marie is not that common a first name. I found a promising lead: a Jean-Marie Boucher, born in 1763, married in 1796 (thus at an age above average) and he is said to be a Voyageur, thus having been out in the Pays-d'en-Haut. He has a brother François, born in 1768, who arried in 1804, again at an above average age; he is also said to be a voyageyr in his marriage record.

You will find them on the PRDH-IGD site 

Jean-Marie is individual # 243397
François is # 586021

Bertrand Desjardins