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I am trying to sort out if I am dealing with one person -- or a father and son in records about my ancestor and would appreciate your help.
Here's what I have found:

The Individual PRDH record for Jean Baptiste Bousquet (#4713) states he was born about 1636.

Guy Perron has found an engage contract for a Jean Bousquet in La Rochelle dated 6 April, 1642.
The PRDH has a Migrant Record for that date (#402571)
naviresnouvelle.net says Jean Bousquet came to Quebec on a three year contract and went back to France in 1645.

I cannot find a PRDH Migrant record for Jean Baptiste Bousquet. In the "King's Daughters" book, Peter Gagne says Jean Bousquet was "..in Canada as early as 1664, at Trois-Rivieres, where he can be found in the 1666 census." I have found that.
This Jean Bousquet, son of Jean Bousquet and Isabelle Hilaret, signed a marriage contract with Filles du Roi Catherine Fourrier and married her in Montreal on 11 May, 1672. That's PRDH Marriage Record #47374.

BUT: The 1978 book "Les armuriers de la Nouvelle-France" by Russel Bouchard (BANQ https://collections.banq.qc.ca/ark:/52327/2096619 ) seems to put what I think are actually two men together:

"En 1642, Jean Bousquet s'engageait à La Rochelle pour travailler en Nouvelle-France «tant de sa vocation qu'à toutes les choses»: selon son contrat, il devait gagner 120 livres par an, dont 50 payables d'avance 62 . Il faisait partie de la Corporation des Armuriers à Montréal en 1676. Nous ignorons la date précise de sa mort, mais nous savons qu'il est mort avant le 6 octobre 1704, car un bail à ferme mentionne que Cathe- rine Fournier, sa femme, était veuve au moment de la transaction."

Thanks for taking time to read my post.
Dawn Kelly

 Bouquet, Jean Baptiste and Fourrier, Catherine Marriage PRDH.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content. Bousquet, Jean Engage Contract Charente Maritime Archives ad17_contrats_engages_fonds_guyperron_1642_16420406_bousquet_jean_49_16420406_bousquet_jean_2090_1426_0_0_2090_1426_0_0_0_0.jpg_mark.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content. Bouquet, Jean Baptiste PRDH.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content. Bouquet, Jean in Revue d'histoire de L'Amerique Francaise (Engage pour le Canada au XVIIe siecle vus de La Rochelle Pg 224.JPG You have insufficient rights to see the content. Bousquet, Jean in Les armuriers de la Nouvelle-France by Russel-Aurore Bouchard 1978 Book accessed on BANQ httpscollections.banq.qc.caark523272096619.JPG You have insufficient rights to see the content.

A Jean Bousquet, "Arquebusier", signed an engage contract in 1642 to serve three years in Nouvelle-France.

A Jean Bousquet, also identified as a Arquebusier" is present in 1664 (named in a notarial document). He appears in the 1666 census, aged 30. This is where the about 1636 in the PRDH comes from. This man marries in 1672. He appears in the 1681 census with his wife and his children, aged 35, which would make him born even later than 1636, but as a rule, the PRDH uses the earlier age given in the documents, thus born around 1636. His death is not registered in the Quebec parishes, which might be explained by the fact he did some fur-trading in the 1690s and could have died during a trip our West. So we don't have an age at death.

From the above, it is clear that the Jean Bousquet who married in 1672 was too young to have signed a contract in 1642. Russel Bouchard is thus wrong. The fact that both were "Arquebusier" could be due to the fact that the second was the son of the first, but no proof of such a link exists.