I am tracing my David lineage to see where it leads and have run into a dead end. A St. Gregoire de Nazianze marriage record for a Joseph David and Pauline Morrin dated 25 Avril, 1842 list the parents of subject Joseph as Joseph David and Marie Paquette of the parish of St. Philemone. The parish map indicates that St. Philemone parish opened in 1875, 33 years after the marriage.
I can find no marriage record in the LaFrance data base for a Joseph David and Marie Paquette in the appropriate time period prior to 1842. Further, the only birth record for the subject Joseph David in the 1842 marriage listing a Marie Paquette as the mother is a birth record in the Ville St. Laurent parish dated 15 Mar 1818 of a Joseph, son of Marie Louise Paquette with no father listed. The record card indicates that it was most probably an illegitimate birth.
Question: is it possible that the St. Philemone parish existed prior to 1875, and if so where could one locate the records for the earlier time period?
Also, where else would you recommend investigating to find a marriage record for Joseph David and Marie Paquette in the time period prior to 1842?