Deborah Emmerson
I’m trying to locate a record of birth, adoption or citizenship for my Grandmother.
She seems to be a ghost. My family and I have been searching since her death in 1996.

Her name was Doreen Joyce Caswall
DOB Jan 18 1922 we believe in Montreal- possible Ottawa
Death Dec 19 1996

Her adoptive parents lived in Montreal
Frank Esdaile Caswall
DOB Dec 1888 England
Death April 11 1954 Montreal

Edith Ellen Caswall nee Hunt
Baptized September 1879 England
Death April 3 1972 Montreal
I have 2 addresses for them:

538 Dorchester St. West
Montreal PQ

3 Av du Parc-Penhurst
Point Claire PQ

A have an Aunt who needs to prove her Canadian Citizenship through her mother. Unfortunately because of lockdown she is stuck in the USA as an alien.

I hope you can Help,

Deborah Emmerson