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First time post...

Not having much luck with my research here. All information I've researched thus far was via going through literally thousands of entries in the Drouin Collection on Family Search.

My G.G. Grandfather, a mason, arrived in the Argenteuil in late 1829 from England via Alexandria, Virginia. William Blow married Alison Walker at the Church of Scotland in Chatham on April 12, 1831. Alison was from Westruther, Berwickshire, Scotland.

They had five children: Alison 1832, John 1834, Margaret 1836, Janet (Jessie) 1839, and Andrew 1842. I have an image of John's baptism, but none of the others.

William shows up in the 1842 census of Argenteuil, all the rest of the family accounted for statistically (no names provided). This is the last trace of William I can find. Alison doesn't show up again until the 1861 census, living in Montreal with her daughter, Margaret, and her 6 year old grandson, Alfred, by her daughter Alison (aka Alice or Elsie) and Alfred Scarborough.

Alison was from a deeply religious Presbyterian is very unlikely that all of their children weren't baptized.

Wondering if someone can provide a list of sorts for Presbyterian (and perhaps Anglican) parish registers for the Argenteuil, centered by Lachute / Chatham? Want to find rest of the baptism records, and what might have happened to both William and his son, John, neither of whom I can track beyond the 1842 census?
Non catholic records/ registers (Québec)
Family search (free)
The FamilySearch catalogue does have some Anglican and Presbyterian church records. Some of these resources are available online. Maybe you've seen this already:

Catalog Search results for: Canada, Québec, Argenteuil, Chatham (canton)