Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections

What kind of documents do the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections contain?

This section contains a mix of images, documents, books, pictures and directories of historical and genealogical significance.

  • Fonds d'archive (Archival fonds): Contains various archival fonds obtained from different sources and authors
  • Archives municipales (Municipal archives): Contains the municipal archives of multiple Quebec cities. Can be browsed by city or by type of document.
  • Dictionnaire Jetté: The Jetté dictionary is a genealogical dictionary published in 1983. It covers the Quebec population of French origin.
  • PRDH: The original 47 PRDH volumes, which contain all Catholic baptisms, marriages and burials from Quebec for the 1621-1765 period. 300 000 records in total.
  • Autres documents (Other documents): Contains various archives and documents of historical and genealogical interest.
  • Lignes de vie (Lifelines): Contains lifelines organized by family name.
  • Journaux anciens (Old newspapers): Contains digitized old newspapers.
  • Lignées généalogiques (Genealogical charts): 2358 genealogical charts from the Planète Généalogie website.
  • Statuts de la province de Québec: A variety of legal documents pertaining to adoptions, name changes and inheritances. The documents are sorted by the subject’s family name.

What is the time period covered by the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections?

Due of the nature of this collection, it can be said that it covers from the inception of the province to today.

What is the geographical region covered by the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections?

This collection covers all of Quebec as well as part of Ontario and the United States.

How to use the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections?

This section is organized in a file tree. The names of the folders are used to identify and describe their contents.