The LAFRANCE (Baptisms 1621-1861, Marriages 1621-1918, Burials 1621-1861)

The LAFRANCE : French America : Old and new records and effective collections.

As of July 2019, the LAFRANCE offers its subscribers a full quality index – names of the subjects, theirs parents or spouse – of the following catholic acts registered in Quebec:

ALL MARRIAGES from the arrival of the first French settlers to the year 1918 (some 917 000 records).

ALL MARRIAGES from the arrival of the first French settlers to the year 1918 (some 917 000 records). The records from 1621 to 1917 include a DIRECT LINK to the image of the original document.

ALL BAPTISMS and BURIALS for the 1621-1861 period, with a link to the original.

Thanks to a most fruitful collaboration between University research and genealogy

Over 3 785 388 acts of the 17th, 18th , 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries that are now available in the LAFRANCE. Learn more ...

Later within this fascinating project, reconstituted families and links with other data within the site will further enhance this extraordinary source of information.

A new tool called Likeness has been added. The Likeness function differs from the name dictionary because it not only includes all of the variations of a name, but also all of the names that are similar to it in terms of pronunciation or spelling. For example, a search for Gauthier, which will include all of the variations given earlier, will also include the names Gonthier, Vauthier, Gouthier, Authier as well as their numerous variations.

There are 3 possible ways to search for BMD records. 1. By individual. 2. By couple; results will list BMD records containing the names of both individuals. 3. By place specifying a precise date or time frame.