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The registers of 90 non-Catholic parishes from the Outaouais and Laurentides regions of Quebec have been added to the Drouin Collection Records, one of 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These registers, acquired from the Quebec Family History Society, contain over 40,000 images and cover up to 1979.

Here are the parishes that were added in this update.

Terrebonne (St. Michael’s Anglican Church)Arundel (Grace Church Anglican)
Arundel (Holiness Movement)Arundel (Methodist Church)
Arundel (Wesleyan Methodist Church)Arundel and Desalaberry (Presbyterian Church)
Avoca and Harrington (Presbyterian Church)Belle-Rivière (Église presbytérienne)
Chatham (Baptist Church)Chatham and Grenville (St. Munro’s Presbyterian Church)
Dalesville (Baptist Church)Dunham Circuit (Methodist New Connexion Church)
Grenville – Mission (Presbyterian Churches)Grenville (Baptist Church)
Grenville (Eastern Congregational Church)Grenville (St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
Grenville Circuit (Methodist Church)Lachute (Baptist Church)
Lachute (First Presbyterian Church)Lachute (Methodist Church)
Lachute (Presbyterian Church)Lachute (Primitive Methodist Church)
Lachute (St. Simeon’s Anglican Church)Lakefield (Methodist Church)
Lakefield (Trinity Anglican Church)Lost River (Presbyterian Church)
Mille Isles (Anglican Church)Mille Isles (Presbyterian Church)
Morin-Heights (Municipalité de)New Glasgow (Anglican Church)
New Glasgow (Methodist Church)New Glasgow (Presbyterian Church)
New Glasgow (United Presbyterian Church)Oka (Methodist Church)
Old Harrington (Methodist Church)Shawbridge (Methodist Church)
St. Andrew’s (Baptist Church)St. Andrew’s (Christ Church Anglican)
St. Andrew’s (Congregational Church)St. Andrew’s (Methodist Church)
St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian Church)St. Eustache (Presbyterian Church)
St. Faustin (Methodist Church)St. Jovite (Methodist Church)
St. Sauveur (Methodist Church)Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville (Église Congrégationnelle)
Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville (Presbyterian Church)Aylmer (Church of England)
Aylmer (Methodist Church)Bryson (Presbyterian Church)
Buckingham (Baptist Church)Buckingham (Church of England)
Charteris (St. Matthew’s)Clarendon (Episcopal Congregation)
Clarendon Centre (Church of England)Fort Coulonge (Presbyterian Church)
Fort Coulonge (United Church)Hull (Methodist Church)
KazabazuaMission of Onslow, Eardley and Bristol (Church of England)
North Wakefield (Wesleyan Methodist Church)Onslow
Petite Nation (Baptist Church)Portage du Fort (Church of England and Ireland)
Quyon (Methodist Church)River Desert (Church of England)
River Desert (Presbyterian Church)Shawville, Bristol and Starch Corners (Presbyterian Church)
Thorne Centre (St. Johannis Gemeinde Lutherian Church)Thorne Township (Zion Gemeinde Lutherian Church)
Thurso (Baptist Church)Thurso (Presbyterian Church)
Township of Alleyn (Church of England)Township of Aylwin (Church of England)
Township of Aylwin (Methodist Church)Township of Aylwin (Presbyterian Church)
Township of Bristol (Church of England)Township of Buckingham (Church of England)
Township of Clarendon (Church of England)Township of Clarendon, Bristol and Litchfield (Church of England)
Township of EardleyTownship of Eardley (Church of England)
Township of Lochaber (Baptist Church)Township of Onslow (Church of England)
Township of Portland (Church of England)Township of Thorne (Church of England)
Township of Thorne and Leslie (Church of England)Township of Wakefield (Church of England)
Village of Aylmer (Methodist Church)Wakefield (Presbyterian Church)

These new images may be browsed with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec in the Drouin Collection Records under the Québec/Registres non-catholiques 1760-1979/ folder.

The Drouin Collection Records tool is a collection of images of parish registers (baptisms, burials and marriages) that covers all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States.

This massive collection contains the entirety of Quebec’s civil registration from 1621 to the 1940s, which encompasses the vast majority of individuals who lived in the province during that period, making it an invaluable tool for genealogical research.

You can browse all of these registers as well as tens of millions of documents of genealogical and historical interest with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec right now!

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The Drouin team