Over a million new images and files – A look back at 2021 on Genealogy Quebec

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In 2021, we added more than a million documents and images allowing you to trace your ancestors on Genealogy Quebec, including birth, marriage and death records, headstones, city directories, death notices, memorial cards, historical newspapers and much more!

Thanks to these additions, the Genealogy Quebec website now offers some 49,877,724 images and files which allow you to trace your family’s history in the province and the surrounding area, from the beginnings of the colony to today.

Here is a more detailed overview of the year’s additions.


  • 31,586 new birth, marriage and death records from Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick. (Details)
  • Addition of 1,700,000 marriage records dating from 1850 to today, from the NBMDS tool and Connolly File. (Details)

More information on the LAFRANCE

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Obituary section

  • 43 new cemeteries from Quebec (Details)
  • 115,000 new online obituaries
  • 5,350 new memorial cards (Details)
  • Over 500,000 new death notices from Quebec, Ontario and the United States (Details)

More information on the Obituary section

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Connolly File

  • 74,789 new baptism, marriage and burial records (Details)

More information on the Connolly File

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BMD Cards

  • Over 30,000 cards referring to hundreds of thousands of births, marriages and deaths (Details 123)

More information about the BMD Cards tool

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Drouin Institute’s Miscellaneous Collections

  • 31 new historical newspapers totaling for over 100,000 images (Details 12)
  • 35,000 new mariage records from the Directeur de l’État Civil du Québec dating from 2018 and 2019 (Details)

More information on the Drouin Institute’s Miscellaneous Collections

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City Directories

  • Addition of the years 1915 to 1978 of Montreal’s Lovell City Directory, 150,000 new images

More information about the City Directories tool

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Acadia – Families

  • Collection update: 11,453 new family files (Details)

More information on the Acadia – Families tool

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Drouin Institute’s Blog

Our team continues exploring various topics of genealogical and historical interest on our blog. Here is what we published in 2021.

To conclude, the Drouin team would like to wish you health, happiness and many genealogical discoveries in 2022, and thank you for the trust you have placed in us for now more than 10 years.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team