Acadia – Families

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This tool contains family files based on original Acadian records. The files usually contain the names of the parents, the name of the child, the parish and the dates of baptism and/or burial. In most cases, a link to the original baptism and/or burial record is available.

In total, this tool contains around 70 000 family files covering from 1621 to 1849.

This tool is equipped with a search engine that lets you search by first name, surname, date and parish.

The foundation of the files in this tool is often the baptism record. Most files will include the name of the parents, the name of the baptized child (the subject of the file), the parish, the date of birth and baptism as well as a link to the original record.

In some cases, you will notice the mention “Atelier: m” followed by a link to an image and the name of an individual. In this tool, the word “atelier” refers to a note that has been added to the file. The letter “m” that follows the word “atelier” is short for Marriage. The image link is that of the original marriage record, and the name belongs to the spouse of the subject. Thus, the marriage belongs to the baptized child which is the subject of the file.

Sometimes, the burial of the subject will similarly be included in the file. In some cases, the file only mentions a marriage; no child is named.

We recommend that you begin your search with a surname and a date. If you obtain too many results this way, you may narrow down the search by adding a year or a second surname or first name.

You can browse the Acadia – Families tool with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.