Censuses (1881-1901 Quebec and Ontario)

This tool offers a detailed index of the 1881 and 1901 censuses from the province of Quebec, as well as the 1881 census from the province of Ontario.

This tool indexes a total of 5 012 907 individuals.

The search engine allows you to search in every field contained in the census. Note that these fields differ by census.

1881 Quebec census fields:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Sex
  • Status
  • District
  • District #
  • Sub district
  • Sub district #
  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Religion
  • Language

1901 Quebec census fields:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Sex
  • Status
  • District
  • District #
  • Sub district
  • Sub district #
  • Age
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Family relationship

1881 Ontario census fields:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Sex
  • Status
  • District
  • District #
  • Sub district
  • Sub district #
  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Religion
  • Language

Here is the list of districts available per census:

List of the districts from Quebec 1881 Census

List of the districts from Ontario 1881 Census

List of the districts from Quebec 1901 Census

Please note that the original image of the census isn’t available in this collection.

You may view this collection with a subscription to GenealogyQuebec.com at this address.

Over a million new images and files – A look back on 2018

The year 2018 was a busy one for the Drouin team, with the addition of more than a million images and files to Genealogy Quebec as well as the publication of numerous blog posts related to Quebec genealogy. Here is a retrospective of the last year.

Additions to GenealogyQuebec.com and PRDH-IGD.com’s tools and collections in 2018


A massive update was applied to PRDH-IGD.com, which doubled the total amount of individuals in the database.

More information on PRDH-IGD.com

Subscribe to PRDH-IGD



The development of the LAFRANCE continued in 2018 with the addition of tens of thousands of Catholic baptisms and burials from the 1850s, as well as all Catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec in 1917.

76 443 baptisms added

28 516 burials added

15 482 marriages added

More information on the LAFRANCE

Browse the LAFRANCE (subscription required)

City directories

We started 2018 with the addition of a new collection, the City directories tool. This tool contains the Marcotte directory of the city of Quebec, and Lovell directory of the city of Montreal from the 1840s to the beginning of the 20th century.

More information on the City directories tool

Browse the City directories tool (subscription required)

Acadia – Families

This tool contains family files based on the original parish records of Acadia and covers from 1621 to 1849. In 2018, the amount of files and individuals contained in the database doubled.

More information on the Acadia – Families tool

Browse the Acadia – Families tool (subscription required)


34 775 baptism, marriage and burial files were added to the Kardex tool this year. The Kardex is a directory of files that mostly pertain to Catholic and Protestant marriages as well as notarized contracts. The files cover from 1621 to 1950 for Quebec, Ontario and a small part of the United States.

More information on the Kardex tool

Browse the Kardex tool (subscription required)

Internet obituaries – Free section

The Internet obituary section is updated weekly. In 2018, nearly 200 000 obituaries were added to the collection.

More information on the Internet obituary section

Browse the Internet obituary section (free)


This collection of 256 000 postcards initially only contained the image of the back of the cards. The update applied in 2018 allowed us to add the front of the cards, doubling the number of images in the collection.

More information on the Postcards section

Browse the Postcards section (subscription required)

Newspaper obituaries

60 000 obituaries were added to the Newspaper obituaries section in 2018.

This tool contains 664 000 death notices published in Quebec newspapers between 1945 and 2015. In addition, a search engine was added to the tool in order to make it more user-friendly.

More information on the Newspaper obituaries

Browse the Newspaper obituaries (subscription required)

Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous collections

Jetté dictionary

  • 2852 files produced by René Jetté during the creation of his famous “Dictionnaire Jetté” were added in file 19 – Dictionnaire Jetté.

Genealogical charts

  • 2358 genealogical charts from the Planète Généalogie website were added in the file 24 – Lignées généalogiques.

Statutes of the Province of Quebec

  • Addition of various legal documents related to, among other things, adoptions, estates and name changes. Can be found in the file 25 – Statuts de la province de Québec.

Municipal archives

  • Addition of 17 948 images from books and minutes from the cities of Victoriaville, St-Paul-de-Chester and St-Louis-de-Blandford. Can be found in the file 16 – Archives municipales.

More information on the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous collections

Browse the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous collections (subscription required)

Browse all these collections – and more – by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

Blog articles published in 2018


Our primary goal in 2019 is to continue and accelerate the development of our genealogical collections, but also to facilitate their use and make the GenealogyQuebec.com experience a more seamless one. It promises to be a very busy year!

Stay tuned…

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

30 000 baptism and burial records added to the LAFRANCE

An update has been applied to the LAFRANCE in early December. This update pertains to the Catholic baptism and burial records celebrated in the province of Quebec between 1850 and 1861.

LAFRANCE update figures

Catholic baptisms 1850-1861 : 22 503 records added
Catholic burials 1850-1861 : 7 086 records added

The corrections suggested by our users over the past month have also been applied.

About the LAFRANCE

The LAFRANCE, one of 16 tools available to GenealogyQuebec.com subscribers, is a detailed index with link to the original document of ALL Catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1917, ALL Catholic baptisms and burials celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849 as well as ALL Protestant marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1760 and 1849.

Baptisms and burials from the 1850-1861 period are added gradually through bimonthly updates.

Updated parishes

Here is the list of parishes affected by this update.

Parish name Event type Min year Max year Added records
Baie-St-Paul b 1828 1828 7
Baie-St-Paul m 1828 1828 1
Baie-St-Paul s 1828 1828 3
Beauport b 1844 1844 2
Berthierville (Berthier-en-Haut) b 1849 1849 1
Berthierville (Berthier-en-Haut) s 1849 1849 1
Compton b 1855 1861 519
Compton s 1855 1861 122
Inverness b 1859 1861 49
Inverness s 1860 1861 9
La Baie b 1849 1849 1
La Prairie y 1833 1833 1
Les Escoumins b 1850 1861 463
Les Escoumins s 1850 1861 80
Lieu inconnu s 1830 1830 1
L’Islet b 1850 1861 2463
L’Islet s 1850 1861 1050
Lotbinière b 1847 1847 1
Montréal (Notre-Dame-de-Montréal) b 1858 1858 3041
Montréal (Notre-Dame-de-Montréal) s 1858 1858 2000
Montréal (St-Patrick) b 1859 1861 2759
Papineauville b 1853 1861 541
Papineauville s 1853 1861 131
Pointe-Gatineau b 1850 1861 1034
Pointe-Gatineau s 1850 1861 359
Ristigouche b 1842 1845 2
St-André-Avellin b 1845 1889 789
St-André-Avellin s 1854 1861 184
St-Antoine-Abbé (Franklin) b 1861 1861 44
St-Antoine-Abbé (Franklin) s 1861 1861 11
St-Benoît b 1815 1815 1
St-Camillus de Farellton b 1850 1861 473
St-Camillus de Farellton s 1853 1861 11
St-Césaire m 1889 1889 1
St-Cyprien-de-Léry (Napierville) b 1830 1830 23
St-Cyprien-de-Léry (Napierville) s 1830 1830 6
St-Denis-sur-Richelieu b 1818 1818 1
Ste-Élisabeth (Seigneurie Dautray) s 1842 1842 1
Ste-Julie-de-Somerset (Laurierville) b 1854 1861 715
Ste-Julie-de-Somerset (Laurierville) s 1854 1861 200
Ste-Sophie-de-Mégantic b 1855 1861 574
Ste-Sophie-de-Mégantic s 1855 1861 177
St-Eusèbe-de-Stanfold b 1849 1861 1085
St-Eusèbe-de-Stanfold s 1850 1861 287
St-Ferdinand-d’Halifax b 1850 1861 1854
St-Ferdinand-d’Halifax s 1850 1861 427
St-Jacques-de-Leeds b 1855 1861 137
St-Jean-Port-Joli b 1850 1861 1925
St-Jean-Port-Joli s 1850 1861 813
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Cathédrale) b 1850 1861 2234
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Cathédrale) s 1850 1861 495
St-Laurent I.O. s 1793 1793 1
St-Michel-de-Percé b 1828 1832 7
St-Michel-de-Percé s 1826 1830 3
St-Roch-des-Aulnaies b 1850 1861 1362
St-Roch-des-Aulnaies s 1850 1861 644
Sts-Anges-Gardiens-de-Cascapédiac (New Richmond) s 1838 1838 1
St-Stephen of Old Chelsea b 1850 1861 426
St-Stephen of Old Chelsea s 1850 1861 74
St-Urbain-de-Charlevoix b 1838 1839 2
St-Urbain-de-Charlevoix s 1844 1844 1

You can consult the LAFRANCE and find your ancestors by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec right now!

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

Acadian genealogy – Researching your Acadian ancestors

The term Acadian is used to identify the descendants of the first French and European settlers established in Acadia during the New France era. Originally from west-central France, they settled starting in 1604 in an area comprising parts of the Maritime Provinces and Quebec, which is known today as Acadia.

As is the case with French Canadian genealogy, Acadian genealogy is largely based on the parish records of the Catholic Church. Due to their French roots, a majority of Acadians were Catholic.

It is predominantly through baptism, marriage and burial records that we are able to trace the family history of the Acadians.

Acadian genealogy

Acadian genealogy is not as well documented as that of surrounding regions, which can be attributed to the disappearance of a large number of records and documents during the Great Upheaval. Nonetheless, there are several tools and databases related to Acadian genealogy available online.

Free acadian research websites

Genealogie-Acadienne.net contains a database of more than 750,000 individuals and 300,000 Acadian families that can be searched for free. The database contains the dates and places of birth, marriage and death of hundreds of thousands of Acadian descendants, and sometimes even photos of the individuals and the original records themselves. It is an excellent resource for finding Acadian ancestors and cousins.

Acadian-Cajun.com, another great Acadian research website, offers a comprehensive list of resources pertaining to Acadian genealogy. It also contains Acadian censuses that can be consulted directly on the website. In addition, various family associations and websites dedicated to Acadian families, all classified by family name, are compiled here.

Acadian genealogy on Genealogy Quebec

GenealogyQuebec.com, the Drouin Instiute’s genealogical research website, offers two research tools dedicated to Acadian genealogy.

The Drouin collection Records

The Drouin Collection records are a collection of parish registers (baptisms, marriages and burials) from Quebec, Acadia, as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the United States. Here we are focusing on the Acadian records.

Acadian parish register from the Drouin Collection

Here is the list of the Acadian parish registers available in the Drouin Collection:

Acadie (St-Bernard) Acadie (St-Pierre) Acadieville
Ardouane voir Cocagne Argyle (Ste-Anne) Arichat
Baie-des-Winds voir Cocagne Baie-du-Vin Baie-Ste-Marie (Nouvelle-Écosse)
Baie-Verte voir Cocagne Balmoral Barachois
Barnaby-River Bartibogue Bathurst
Beaubassin Belledune Blackville
Bouctouche Boujagane voir Cocagne Burnt
Cam’s River Cap-Pelé Caraquet
Central Kingsclear Charlo Chatham
Chigibouachis voir Cocagne Chigibougouet voir Cocagne Chimougouis voir Cocagne
Clair Cocagne Dalhousie
Dorchester Drummond Ecouipahaq
Edmunston Eel-Ground Escuminac
Fairville Fort St-Jean Frédéricton
Gagetown Gédaic voir Cocagne Gloucester, comté
Golding-Grove Grande-Digue Grand-Sault
Haute-Aboujagane Hillsborough Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Île-Royale Île-St-Jean Johnville
Kent, comté de Kouchibouguac Lac Baker
Lamèque Loch-Lomond Louisbourg
Lower-Caraquet Madawaska Maliseet
Memramcook Milltown Moncton
Mont-Carmel Nash Creek Néguac (Northumberland)
Nelson Newcastle Northumberland, Comté de
Norton Notre-Dame-de-Kent Paquetville
Petersville Petit-Rocher Plaisance
Pokemouche-en-Bas Pokemouche-en-Haut Port-Royal
Red-Bank Remous-Bridge Restigouche, comté de
Rexton Richibouctou Richmond
Riverside Rivière-Jacquet Robertville
Rogersville Sackville Scoudouc
Shédiac Shemogue Shippagan
St-André St-Andrew St-Anselme
St-Basile St-Charles-Borromée St-Charles-les-Mines
Ste-Anne Ste-Anne-de-Kent Ste-Anne-de-Restigouche
St-François-Xavier St-Georges St-Ignace-de-Kent
St-Isidore St-Jacques St-Jean
St-Léonard St-Louis-des-Français St-Paul-de-Kent
St-Stephen Sunbury Sussex
Tracadie Victoria Wellington
Westmorland Woodstock  

The years covered differ according to the register. The collection also contains Acadian censuses from 1673 to 1784.

The Acadia – Families tool

This tool contains family files based on the Acadian parish records mentioned above. In total, the tool contains 96 000 family files from 1621 to 1849 and is equipped with a search engine which allows searches by last name, first name, date and parish.

In addition, the original records are attached to the family files, allowing the information contained in them to be viewed and verified.

You will find more information about this tool at this address.


A subscription to Genealogy Quebec is required to view these 2 collections. You may subscribe here:

24h access –  5$
One month subscription – 13$
One year subscription – 100$

You will find more information about GenealogyQuebec.com in this article.

Update to the LAFRANCE, Acadia – Families and Newspaper Obituaries tools on Genealogy Quebec

The Drouin team has been hard at work over the past month! Here are the updates made to Genealogy Quebec‘s tools and collections since our last newsletter.

Acadia – Families update

More than 25 000 family files have been added to the Acadia – Families tool. The tool now contains a total of 96 204 files.

This tool contains family files based on baptism, marriage and burial records from Acadia. You can browse this tool with a subscription to GenealogyQuebec.com at this address.

Newpaper Obituaries now equipped with a search engine

The Newspaper Obituaries section is now equipped with a search engine which allows for first name, last name and date of death search.

This section contains over 660 000 newspaper obituaries from Quebec newspapers published between 1945 and 2015.

You can browse the Newspaper obituaries with a GenealogyQuebec.com subscription at this address.


The bimonthly LAFRANCE update was applied earlier this month. The additions pertain to the 1850-1861 period for Catholic baptisms and burials.

Update figures

Catholic baptisms 1850-1861 : 1506 records added
Catholic burials 1850-1861 : 407 records added
In addition, the corrections sent by our users over the past 2 months have been applied.

About the LAFRANCE

The LAFRANCE, one of 16 tools available to GenealogyQuebec.com subscribers, is a detailed index with link to the original document of ALL Catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1917, ALL Catholic baptisms and burials celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849 as well as ALL Protestant marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1760 and 1849.

Baptisms and burials of the 1850-1861 period are added gradually through our bimonthly updates.

Reminder – PRDH-IGD Update

In case you missed it, a massive update was applied to PRDH-IGD.com last month. This update almost doubled the total amount of individuals in the database! You can find more information about the PRDH-IGD at this address.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

Massive PRDH-IGD update, now nearly twice as many individuals in the database!

More than a year ago, we announced the addition of the family reconstructions from 1800 to 1824 to the PRDH-IGD database.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the family reconstructions from 1825 to 1849 have been added to the PRDH-IGD website, which officially brings the 1800 – 1849 period to a close.

This massive update represents the addition of 787 675 individuals and 94 444 families to the database. In total, we are talking about 8 500 000 new family links to explore in the PRDH-IGD database!
To put this into perspective, the PRDH-IGD database contained a total of 870 763 individuals before this update. That number has now nearly doubled!

To give you a more concrete overview of these additions, here is a Family File before and after this week’s update.
Before the update:

After the update:

You will notice the absence of events dated after 1824 on the first image. In the second picture, you can see many new individuals in the family, those born after 1824, as well as several events that were not associated with this family before the update.

What is the PRDH-IGD?

First, it should be noted that the PRDH-IGD is made up of 2 elements. These two elements work in tandem to form what could be described as a comprehensive family tree of the entire Catholic population of the Province of Quebec from 1621 to 1849.

The first element is the repertory of vital events. This is a directory of all Catholic baptism, marriage and burial records celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849, more than 2.5 million records. The records are presented in the form of certificates.

The second element is the genealogical dictionary of families (family reconstructions). In addition to baptism, marriage and burial records, the PRDH-IGD contains what we call individual and family files.

Any individual mentioned in a record from the database is given his own individual file.

The individual file centralizes all the mentions of the individual in the database, such as the person’s baptism, burial and marriage. The individual file also mentions the parents as well as the spouse(s).
Every name and date in the individual file can be clicked to access the related individual file or record certificate.

Similarly, any married couple mentioned in a record in the database is given a Family File.

This Family File includes all the children of the couple as well as a link to the events where these children are mentioned. Again, all the names and dates in the file are links to the individuals and events in question. It is therefore possible to navigate from file to file and from record to record with a simple click.

You will find a more in depth explanation of the PRDH-IGD database on our blog.

How to subscribe to the PRDH-IGD?

PRDH-IGD subscriptions are hit based.

A hit is charged each time a page is displayed, except for the list of references obtained from a query, which is not charged. A subscription thus corresponds to the right to view a certain quantity of one or the other of the following elements: a certificate from the Repertory of vital events (record certificates), an individual or family file from the Genealogical dictionary or a couple file from the Repertory of couples.

You will find the various subscription options at this address.

What are the differences between GenealogyQuebec.com and PRDH-IGD.com?

GenealogyQuebec.com PRDH-IGD.com
Period 1621 – 2018 1621 – 1849
Original documents Yes No
Family Reconstructions         No Yes
Type of documents BMD records,
Death cards,
Notarized documents,
Marriage directories,
Parish records,
City directories
BMD records,
Individual files,
Couple files,
Family files
Subscription type Time based (24h, 1 month, 1 year) Purchasable “hits”


What are the benefits of being a subscriber to both websites?

Members who are subscribed to both GenealogyQuebec.com and PRDH-IGD.com have access to the following exclusive features:

  • View the original document (parish register) on GenealogyQuebec.com from any PRDH-IGD.com certificate
Click on the link circled in red to go from a PRDH-IGD.com certificate (left) to the original document associated with it on GenealogyQuebec.com (right)
  • View the PRDH-IGD.com individual file of any individual named in a GenealogyQuebec.com‘s LAFRANCE certificate
Click on the link circled in red to go from a GenealogyQuebec.com certificate (left) to an individual file on PRDH-IGD.com (right)
  • 10% bonus PRDH-IGD hits free of charge on purchase for GenealogyQuebec.com subscribers
During the subscription process on PRDH-IGD.com, you will be given the option to enter your GenealogyQuebec.com username to receive 10% additional hits free of charge

Price adjustment

When the PRDH website opened in 2000, a price was determined for each block of hits. These prices were adjusted in the early years, but have been maintained for almost 10 years now, despite significant inflation in the price of goods and services in Canada, and the addition of millions of records and individuals to the website. As such, we have decided to adjust the PRDH-IGD rates accordingly. Here are the new prices:

Amount of hits Cost before taxes Cost per hit
100 19.99$ 20¢
500 49.99$ 10¢
1000 79.99$
2500 174,99$
5000 299.99$
10000 499.99$

Prices are in Canadian dollars ($CAD)
Quebec residents: + GST + QST
Canada residents outside of Quebec: + GST + PST
Residents from outside Canada: No taxes

Please note that this price adjustment will not be applied until Friday, September 14, 2018. You will therefore have a full week following the receipt of this newsletter to take advantage of the old rates.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

LAFRANCE update, addition of 15 000 newspaper obituaries and new blog articles on Genealogy Quebec!

The bimonthly LAFRANCE update was released earlier in the week. The additions pertain to the 1850-1861 period for Catholic baptisms and burials.

Update figures

Catholic baptisms 1850-1861 : 15 585 records added
Catholic burials 1850-1861 : 7 132 records added
In addition, the corrections sent by our users over the past 2 months have been applied.

About the LAFRANCE

The LAFRANCE, one of 16 tools available to GenealogyQuebec.com subscribers, is a detailed index with link to the original document of ALL Catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1917, ALL Catholic baptisms and burials celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849 as well as ALL Protestant marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1760 and 1849. Baptisms and burials of the 1850-1861 period are added gradually through our bimonthly updates.

Newspaper obituaries update

The Newspaper obituaries tool, which can be found in the Obituary section on Genealogy Quebec, has been updated. Around 15 000 new death notices have been added, which brings the collection to a total of 664 001 notices. These obituaries have been taken from Quebec newspapers published between 1945 and 2015.

You can browse this collection with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

New articles on the Drouin Institute blog

What is Genealogy Quebec?

What your ancestors can tell you about your life expectancy, by Bertrand and François Desjardins

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

What is Genealogy Quebec?

Genealogy Quebec is a subscription based research website regrouping all of the collections and tools developed by the Drouin Institute over the course of its existence.

The website’s 16 tools and collections total for over 44 million images and files covering all of Quebec as well as part of the United States, Ontario and Acadia from 1621 to this day. Genealogy Quebec is by far the largest collection of Quebec genealogical and historical documents on the Web.

A Genealogy Quebec subscription gives access to the following tools (click on the tool’s name for more details):

  • The LAFRANCE – Index with link to the original document of all of Quebec’s Catholic baptisms and burials  from 1621 to 1861, all of Quebec’s Catholic marriages from 1621 to 1917 as well as all of Quebec’s Protestant marriages from 1760 to 1849.
  • Marriages and Deaths 1926-1997 – Index with link to the original document of most of the marriages and deaths celebrated in Quebec between 1926 and 1997, all religious denominations included.
  • La section Nécrologe – Index and original document of:
    • 2.2 million Canadian death notices published online between 1999 and today
    • 620 000 obituaries published in Quebec newspapers between 1945 and 2015
    • 54 000 death cards published between 1860 and today
    • 611 000 tombstones from Quebec cemeteries
  • Drouin Institute’s Great Collections – Digitization of the following collections:
  • La Masculine (Men Series)
  • Fichier Histor
  • Fiches Acadiennes (Acadian Cards)
  • Dossiers généalogiques Drouin
  • Affinités généalogiques Drouin
  • Petit Drouin
  • Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-Français
  • La Féminine (Woman Series)
  • Prévôté de Québec
  • Fiches Franco-américaines (Franco-American Files)
  • Patrimoine Familial
  • Patrimoine National
  • Kardex Noir
  • Drouin Collection Records – All of Quebec’s parish registers from 1621 to 1940, as well as some from part of Ontario, New England and Acadia.
  • The Petit NBMDS – Baptism, marriage and burial files from the Laurentides, Outaouais, Bas-St-Laurent as well as the city of St-Hubert, from 1727 to 2011.
  • The Connolly File – 6 500 000 Quebec baptism, marriage and burial files covering from 1621 to 2015.
  • Drouin Institute’s Family Genealogies – 660 family genealogies produced by the Drouin Institute during the 20th century. Totals for over 230 000 pages.
  • Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections – Collection of images, documents, books, pictures and directories of historical and genealogical relevance. Contains the PRDH books, the Jetté dictionary, some municipal archives, old newspapers and much more.
  • Acadia – Families – Family files, with link to the related original documents, pertaining to Acadians. Covers more than 70 000 Acadian families between the years 1621 and 1849.
  • Postcards – Contains 256 000 postcards sent or received over the course of the 20th century. Can be searched by sender or recipient.
  • Loiselle File – 1 044 434 marriage files covering all of Quebec as well as Fall River, MA and Manchester, NH from 1621 to the 1950s.
  • Census – Contains Quebec’s 1881 and 1901 censuses as well as Ontario’s 1881 census.
  • Notarized documents –  Contains some 83 000 notarized documents indexed by type of contract, cited names, name of the notary, date and location. Linked to a digitized version of the original document.
  • The Kardex – Marriage files covering from 1621 to 1950 for Quebec, Ontario as well as a small part of the United States.
  • City directories –  Contains a digitized version of Montreal (Lovell – 1843 to 2000) and Quebec city’s (Marcotte – 1822 to 1904)  directories.


There are 3 types of subscriptions to GenealogyQuebec.com. All 3 subscriptions give access to the entire library of tools and databases; only the length of the subscriptions differ.

24h access – 5$

Monthly subscription – 13$

Yearly subscription – 100$

Prices are in Canadian dollar. Taxes will be applied for Canadian residents.

User guide – Getting familiar with the website

Genealogy Quebec is geared towards both seasoned genealogists and novices alike. While a certain familiarity with the website is necessary to make the most of its 16 tools and collections, the majority of our users are able to retrace their ancestors through our 3 main tools, which happen to be the more straightforward and easy to use.

We have separated the collections in 3 categories in order to guide our less experienced users towards the right tools:

  • Primary research tools

These are the most comprehensive and detailed tools available on the website: The LAFRANCE, the Marriages and Deaths 1926-1997 tool, and the Obituary section. For most of our subscribers, these 3 tools will be sufficient to find their ancestors and retrace their lineage. All of these tools are equipped with a search engine.

  • Secondary research tools

These are our complimentary research tools. They are used to address potential gaps in searches made using our primary research tools, or to add additional sources and information to these searches. All of these tools are equipped with a search engine.

  • Archival funds and databases

These tools use a file tree structure. They are not equipped with a search engine and must be browsed manually.


On the Tools page, users may get more information regarding each tool, such as the type of document, the period and region covered as well as a short tutorial, by clicking on “More information”.

You will find a series of articles about our numerous tools and collections on our blog.

Establishing your ancestry and finding your ancestors using Genealogy Quebec.

What your ancestors can tell you about your life expectancy

In the two previous articles of this series, “Quebec mortality rate under the French regime” and “The first French-Canadian centenarians in Quebec“, we successively mentioned the high mortality which afflicted our ancestors at all ages of life and the scarcity of people reaching extreme ages. Today, we will present some factors underlying these realities.

As a first step, we used the PRDH (What is the PRDH?) database to establish the list of native-born French-Canadians who reached the venerable age of 97 before 1850.

Deaths of Native-born French-Canadians at age 97 and older which occurred before 1850

SEX Year of birth Year of death Age at death
F 1648 1748 99 ans
F 1691 1789 97 ans
F 1701 1800 98 ans
F 1703 1800 97 ans
M 1703 1802 98 ans
F 1709 1806 97 ans
M 1714 1811 97 ans
F 1714 1813 99 ans
F 1722 1819 97 ans
F 1725 1832 107 ans
F 1726 1825 98 ans
F 1731 1828 97 ans
F 1731 1835 103 ans
F 1732 1829 97 ans
M 1734 1834 99 ans
F 1736 1834 98 ans
F 1736 1838 101 ans
F 1738 1847 108 ans
F 1740 1838 97 ans
F 1740 1839 98 ans
F 1741 1840 98 ans
M 1741 1840 98 ans
F 1741 1841 100 ans
F 1741 1841 99 ans
F 1742 1840 98 ans
M 1743 1842 98 ans
M 1743 1842 98 ans
M 1744 1841 97 ans
F 1744 1842 97 ans
F 1744 1843 99 ans
M 1745 1844 98 ans
Men: 8 ; Women: 23

Thirty-one people accomplished the feat, twenty-three women and eight men. Why such an imbalance in favor of women, when their life expectancy at age 25 is 2.5 years less than that of men?

It is that beyond the reproductive period, when mothers were at a significant risk of dying in childbirth, women have a survival advantage over their partners. We know that part of this benefit is biological because male mortality is higher than female mortality from the very beginning of life, including in-utero. This genetic difference is especially associated with a better resistance of women to biological aging, as well as an hormonal advantage.

Indeed, for example, estrogen facilitates the elimination of bad cholesterol and thus reduces the risk of heart problems; testosterone, on the other hand, is associated with violence and risk taking.

That said, regardless of sex, why do some individuals reach higher ages than their contemporaries? While we know that there is more to it than chance, no explanation of this reality is currently unanimous. The study of extreme cases of longevity does not really reveal much: the “little glasses of gin before dinner” and other recipes of the kind  have no serious basis.

It is tempting to believe, however, that some individuals initially have an advantage over others; Is it not said that the best chance of living old is to have parents and grandparents who have themselves reached an old age?

In this regard, I submit to you the extraordinary family of Nicolas Lizotte and Marie-Madeliene Miville-Deschênes, who married on May 3, 1724 in La Pocatière. Out of the 5 French Canadians who became centenarians before 1850, two of them were born of this couple, and one of their sisters is also part of our above-mentioned list, since she died at 98 years of age!

Nicolas Lizotte and Marie Madeleine Miville Deschesnes’ Family File sourced from PRDH-IGD.com

And it doesn’t stop there! The father, Nicolas Lizotte, died at 98 years old, making him the second oldest French Canadian male who died before 1850. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being a Lizotte right now!


Bertrand Desjardins and François Desjardins

August 2018

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