New documents on Genealogy Quebec and how to donate archives to the Drouin Institute

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Some 5000 documents have been added to the BMD cards tool, one of 15 collections available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These documents are from the Société d’histoire de la Seigneurie de Monnoir located in Marieville, Québec.
Here are the details:

  • Collection Monast
    2186 family and BMD cards.
  • Fiches St-Sulpice
    1134 marriage cards from the St-Sulpice parish in Lanaudière.
  • Recensement (census) 1765 de St-Mathias
    226 handwritten cards pertaining to residents and the content of their farms.
  • St-Joseph-de-Chambly
    279 baptism, marriage and burial cards from the St-Joseph-de-Chambly parish, 19th century.
  • Généalogie et fiches (Genealogies and cards)
    1078 family cards, Dominique Lague’s genealogy, and death cards from the Chambly region.

These new documents may be browsed with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

What is the BMD cards collection?

The BMD cards tool is a repository of baptism, marriage and burial cards from Quebec, Ontario and the United States.

This tool contains the Antonin LoiselleKardex and Fabien fonds, as well as Ontario BMD cards, BMD cards sorted by cities and families, adoption cards, and death cards sorted by family name, provided by the Quebec Family History Society.

The documents in this collection are organized in a tree structure. In the majority of cases, the cards are distributed in alphabetical order, according to the last name of the subject of the card or the name of the place where applicable.

This screenshot shows the path to follow in order to find cards relating to members of the Gobert family.

You will find more information about this collection on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

You can browse the BMD cards collection as well as tens of millions of other documents of historical and genealogical interest by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

Donating documents to the Drouin Institute

Whether you are a genealogist or a history enthusiast, you probably have accumulated a lot of information and documents over the years.

The Drouin Genealogical Institute, whose mission is the preservation and democratization of the historical and genealogical heritage of Quebec, is constantly looking for documents and data to add to the collections available on Genealogy Quebec.

If you would like to donate your documents and ensure their preservation and access for future generations, please contact us at

We are mainly interested in the following types of archives:

  • List of electors
  • Censuses
  • Birth, marriage, and death registers
  • Obituaries
  • Baptism, marriage, and burial directories
  • Headstone pictures
  • City directories
  • Property assessment rolls (List of land owners)
  • Memorial cards
  • Wedding photos (with names)
  • Postcards
  • Newspapers
  • Boarding school registers (Adoption, nurseries, hospices, orphanages, schools, convents)
  • Other historical documents with a high density of names

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team