The Acadia – Families tool had been updated on Genealogy Quebec

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An update has been applied to the Acadia – Families tool, one of the 15 collections available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

Some 11,453 family files were added through this update.

What is the Acadia – Families tool?

The Acadia – Families tool contains 141,795 family files based on original Acadian records.

Currently, these records span from the beginning of the Acadian colony to the end of 1849. In addition, 33 locations covering from 1850 to the end of the available registers are included. A list of these locations as well as a more detailed overview of the collection are available on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

The files compile the information available about a family unit. They usually contain the names and first names of the parents, the first name of the child, the dates of birth and/or baptism, death and/or burial, and marriage (a total of 263,905 events), as well as the parish. Links to the original church documents pertaining to the baptisms, marriages and burials mentioned in the file are also often available.

Family file from the Acadia – Families tool. The blue links lead to the original documents.

Original document from an Acadia – Families file

The Acadia – Families tool can be browsed with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.



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