The Obituary section

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The Obituary section is divided in 4 subsections that contain different types of documents.

Internet Obituaries

This section, covering all of Canada from 1999 to today, does not require a subscription to the website to be viewed. In addition to being updated weekly, it currently contains over 2 million obituaries.

This section is equipped with a search engine as well as navigation categories. The search engine allows for a first name, last name and date search as well as a search for words contained in the notice.

The obituaries are sorted by province, city and publication to provide a more fluid navigation experience.

Newspaper obituaries

This section contains 656 155 obituaries published in Quebec newspapers from 1945 to 2015.  

It is organized through a file tree that sorts the notices by letter and then by name. The images in the folders are named and sorted following this format: Name_Firstname_Year_Month_Day.jpg

Death cards

This section, containing 54 000 death cards published between 1860 and today, is equipped with a search engine allowing you to search by name, first name and date of death.

Death card sourced from the tool of the same name

You may use the “%” character to search for part of a name. For example, a search for “Rog%” will find all the death cards in which the subject wears a name starting with “Rog”. This allows for more generic searches and is particularly useful for names which tend to be spelled in a lot of different ways.


This section contains 611 000 pictures of tombstones, indexed by name and text on the stone. 

Tombstone sourced from the tool of the same name

It is equipped with a search engine allowing you to search by family name or by the text engraved on the stone. You may search through a specific cemetery or in all of them at the same time.

Like with the death cards, the “%” character may be used to search for part of a name.

The Obituaries section can be browsed with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec here.