The Connolly file

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The Connolly File is a collection of catholic and protestant baptism, marriage and burial files produced from the original documents.

These files contain the names and roles of the individuals mentioned in the record, as well as the date and parish in which the event was celebrated.

This tool contains close to 6 500 000 files pertaining to Quebec and extending from 1621 to 2015.

The Connolly File contains 3 databases: Baptisms, marriages and burials.

The Connolly File is equipped with a multiple field search engine. As with most of our tools, we recommend that you limit your initial search to only a few parameters; a family name and the year of the event. If this produces too many results to sift through, a first name or a second family name should be added.

On the files, you will find buttons that allow for an automatic search for the baptism, marriage or burial of the individuals mentioned in the file. Please note that these buttons are only research shortcuts, not linked data. It is always recommended to do manual searches with the various spellings of the researched name(s) if the automatic search hasn’t produced any results.

You can browse the Connolly File with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.