LAFRANCE Update, New Archival Fonds and OGS 2017 Conference

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The bimonthly LAFRANCE update was applied earlier in the week.

The additions pertain to the 1850-1861 period for Catholic baptisms and burials.

Update figures

Catholic baptisms 1850-1861 : 6966 records added
Catholic burials 1850-1861 : 4622 records added
In addition, the corrections sent by our users over the past 2 months have been applied.

About the LAFRANCE

The LAFRANCE, one of 15 tools available to GenealogyQuebec.comsubscribers, is a detailed index with link to the original document of ALL Catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1916, ALL Catholic baptisms and burials celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849 as well as ALL Protestant marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1760 and 1849. Baptisms and burials of the 1850-1861 period are added gradually through our bimonthly updates. We estimate to have completed about 70% of all Catholic Quebec parishes for this period.

Free obituaries – New subsections

In addition to the 20 000 death notices added over the past 2 months, our obituary section is now equipped with subsections such as the province, city or publication in which the notice was published.
This section contains Canadian obituaries ranging from 1999 to this day. You can browse the collection free of charge at this address:

Additions to our digital collections

The development of our numerous collections is still underway! Here are some additions made over the past 2 months:

Archival fonds

  • Fonds Pepin-Lachance: 3427 images
  • Fonds Wilfrid-Meloche: digitized books relating to this individual’s family
  • Fonds SGCE: genealogical publications from members of the SGCE – over 11 000 pages
  • Fonds Yvan-Beaulieu: personal collection of genealogical archives – 467 641 images
  • Fonds Raymond-Aubry: 551 images from his personal collection
  • All of these archival fonds can be consulted in the 14 – Fonds d’archives category, which can be found in the Great Collections section under the tab of the same name

“Lignes de vie” series

  • Addition of 1000 individual genealogies produced by Michel Pepin, brother of Jean-Pierre Pepin, in the 17 – Lignes de vie category under the Great Collections tab

Newspaper obituaries

  • Over 20 000 death notices from the 1945-1980 period as well as tens of thousands of death notices from the 1980-2017 period have been added

Connolly file

  • Annual update on the Connolly file – new BMS records and corrections

Outaouais registers

  • Addition of numerous English parish registers from the Outaouais region: 1177 register pages can now be consulted under the Registres québécois, région de l’Outaouais category in the Drouin Collection Records section


  • About 10 000 new BMS files from Ontario have been added to the Kardex collection

All of these collections – and much more – are available with a subscription to

OGS 2017

From June 16 to June 18 2017, the Drouin Institute team will be at the Ontario Genealogical Society conference in Ottawa. All the details surrounding the conference can be found here.

If you attend the conference, make sure not to miss Gail Dever’s presentation, “The Crème de la Crème of Online Resources for Quebec Research”, which will cover both and the PRDH among other resources. Gail Dever is the author of the popular blog Genealogy à la Carte.

We hope to see you at the conference!

The Drouin team