Drouin Institute Acquires Planète Généalogie, New Content on Genealogy Quebec!

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The Drouin Genealogical Institute is proud to announce the acquisition of Planète Généalogie, a genealogical research website offering more than 29 million images and files.

What is Planète Généalogie?

Planète Généalogie is a genealogical research website that provides various collections and databases.
It contains parish registers, GEDCOM files, tombstones, death cards, telephone directories, obituaries and more. These collections pertain to the province of Quebec as well as part of Canada and the United States.
The various subscription options can be found here. Please note that the website is only available in French.

What does this mean for GenealogyQuebec.com?

Our long term plan is a gradual transition of Planète Généalogie‘s content to GenealogyQuebec.com. This transition begins today with this addition of the following collections on Genealogy Quebec:

21 481 parish register images have been added to the Drouin Collection Records (under the Registres (Québec et Ontario) folder):

  • Marie-Médiatrice-de-toutes-les-Grâces (Ottawa) 1956-2007

  • Ste-Jeanne-d’Arc (Ottawa) 1923-2000

  • St-Barthélémy (Joliette) 1929-2010

  • St-Cuthbert (Berthier) 1770-2008

  • St-Tite-des-Caps (Champlain) 1940-1994

  • St-Viateur (Berthier) 1909-2009

  • Vanier (St-Charles) 1908-2008

75 000 images have been added in the Great Collections section:

  • 12- Patrimoine familial, 100 new family genealogies. 55 904 added images

  • 14 – Fonds d’archives: Fonds Arcand, 3066 added images. This is a collection that pertains to the Arcand family

  • 15 – Généalogies familiales, Cité Saint-Michel coat of arms, 90 added images

  • 18- Autres documents, 15 094 added images. Various historical documents, including a collection dated from the 1940-1950s named “Mes Fiches“.  “Mes Fiches” was a monthly publication focusing on various subjects related to the Catholic church

What will happen to Planète Généalogie?

The Planète Généalogie website will remain available for at least another year. Once a closure date has been selected for the website, we will gradually remove the subscription options starting with the yearly subscription, biannual subscription, and finally the monthly subscription. This will allow the Planète Généalogie‘s subscribers to extend their subscription up until the website’s closure.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team