Genealogy Quebec and PRDH-IGD: the similarities, differences, and why you should subscribe to both

This post is also available in: Français and are genealogical research websites managed by the Drouin genealogical Institute.

Genealogy Quebec

Genealogy Quebec contains all of the genealogical data, collections and tools developed and acquired by the Drouin Institute over the past 100 years. You will find on the website over 50 million images and documents in 15 different tools and collections.

You will find more detailed information about these 15 tools here, and about the website in general at this address.


The PRDH-IGD was created from a Université de Montréal database and is in constant evolution. You will find more information about the PRDH-IGD and its content in this article.

What are the differences between and
Period1621 – 20191621 – 1849
Original documentsYesNo
Family reconstructionsNoYes
Type of documentsBMS records, obituaries, death cards, tombstones, notarized documents, censuses, marriage repertories, parish records, postcards, city directoriesBMS records, Individual files, Couple files, Family files
Subscription typeTime based (24h, 1 month, 1 year)Purchasable “hits”

What are the advantages of being subscribed to both websites, and how do the subscriptions interact?

Members who are subscribed to both and the have access to the following exclusive features:

  • View the original document (parish register) on from any certificate
    Click on the mention circled in red to go from a certificate (left) to the original document associated with it on (right)
  • View the individual file of any individual named in a‘s LAFRANCE certificate
    Click on the mention circled in red to go from a certificate (left) to an individual file on (right)
  • 10% bonus PRDH-IGD hits free of charge on purchase for subscribers (up to 100 hits)
    During the purchasing process on, you will be given the option to enter your username to receive 10% additional hits free of charge

    Note that a delay of a few days is to be expected before the reception of your bonus hits as we need to treat your demand manually.

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