The Genealogy Quebec Forum

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The Drouin Genealogical Institute is happy to announce the opening of its official forum! Come share your passion for genealogy and history with members of our team and our community!

This forum is accessible to everyone, whether you are a member of Genealogy Quebec and PRDH-IGD or not.

The sections

The forum is divided into 3 sections: “Help and technical support”, “Genealogy questions” and “Share your research and discoveries”.

Help and technical support

This section is used to submit any question or problem related to the use of and You may ask questions about the subscription process, the content of the databases, research tips, or anything else related to the sites. Refer to the “Genealogy questions” section for questions that are not directly related to the websites.

Genealogy questions

This section is dedicated to any question related to genealogy and history research. Refer to the “Help and technical support” section for questions specific to PRDH-IGD and Genealogy Quebec.

Share your research and discoveries

As the name suggests, this section is used to share the results of your research as well as your most interesting genealogical and historical findings. Share your successes and failures, your most complex cases and your most unusual stories!

Join the discussion

Please note that your and login information cannot be used on the forum. To participate, you will need to register a new account on the forum.

The forum is in constant development! Please feel free to share your suggestions and comments with us, so that we can provide you with the best possible discussion platform.


Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team