Connolly File update: 29,549 new BMD records on Genealogy Quebec

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An update has been applied to the Connolly File, one of the 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

17,095 births, 4514 marriages and 7978 deaths from Quebec and the United States were added through this update.

What is the Connolly File?

The Connolly File is an index of births, marriages and deaths from Quebec and French-speaking parts of the United States and Canada covering a period spanning from 1621 to today. It is developed and maintained by the Société de généalogie des Cantons-de-l’Est.
The tool contains over 6,868,849 birth, marriage and death records.

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Update details

Here is a more detailed overview of the update.

Granby Notre-Dame 
M: 1844-1940: 3261 records

Ste-Cécile de Frontenac
B: 1889-1940: 2561 records
M: 1889-1940: 402 records
D: 1889-1940: 1022 records

B: 1857-1940: 7496 records
M: 1857-1940: 1268 records
D: 1857-1940: 3387 records

St-Luc, Grosse-Ile, Montmagny
B: 1834-1936: 403 records
M: 1834-1936: 42 records
D: 1834-1936: 835 records

Church of England, Grosse-Ile, Montmagny
B: 1840-1922: 127 records
M: 1840-1922: 16 records
D: 1840-1922: 487 records

As well as over 12,500 records from the United-States.

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