Drouin Genealogical Institute’s new communication strategy

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Dear subscribers,

Today, we are happy to announce our new communication strategy. The main objective of this new approach is to keep you better informed of the development and maintenance of the Drouin Institute and its websites, Genealogy Quebec and the PRDH.

This new communication strategy starts with a bimonthly newsletter published on our facebook page and through our mailing list. In addition to this newsletter, all of our releases, updates and partnerships will be shared with our clients through email and social media.

This newsletter will also correspond with bimonthly updates to our websites. An update usually consists of the addition of new content to the websites, and the correction of various errors that have been highlighted by our users.

Here are the details of our first bimonthly update:

  • Addition of over 20 000 records to the 1850-1861 period on the LAFRANCE
  • Corrections on numerous LAFRANCE and PRDH files
  • Adjustments to our PRDH and LAFRANCE name standardization dictionary
  • Corrections on the PRDH’s genealogical links (family reconstructions)

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team