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Clearance sale on the Drouin Institute’s book collections

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The Drouin Genealogical Institute has been developing its book collections for over a hundred years. These collections occupy a significant place in Canadian genealogical heritage.

Today, genealogy is mostly done online. Furthermore, all of the Drouin book collections have been digitized and are available online through a subscription to Genealogy Quebec.

With this in mind, we have decided to end the printing of our book collections.
We are now offering the opportunity for genealogical societies, institutions, libraries and private individuals to acquire the remaining editions of our book collections at a significant reduction.

Using the following codes on our online shop, you can benefit from a 33% reduction on all of our available books and collections (excluding PRDH and Genealogy Quebec subscriptions):

  • Prévoté de Québec – CodePrevote
  • Patrimoine National / National Heritage – CodeNational
  • Patrimoine Familial / Family Heritage – CodeFamilial
  • Fiches Acadiennes / Acadian Files – CodeAcadie

If you live in Canada, you can enjoy free shipping with the codeLivraison

Our Great Collections, which aren’t available on the online shop, are also on sale.
For large orders, or to order volumes from the Great Collections, email us at

We recommend that you submit us a list of the volumes and collections you are interested in acquiring. We will email you back with a quote, taking into account the size of your desired order. A larger order will result in a more significant price reduction.

We also suggest that you submit group purchases with other societies, institutions or private individuals in order to benefit from a larger reduction.
It is the best time to acquire or complete your Drouin book collections, reach out now!

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