PRDH’s Family Reconstructions advancement

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Over a year ago, the PRDH began the ambitious project of extending the period covered by its family reconstructions from 1621-1799 to 1621-1849.

The first step, which was completed in early 2015, was the addition of 1 700 000 baptism, marriage and burial records, all from the 1800-1849 period. These were sourced from the Drouin Collection, which is available on Genealogy Quebec.
The second phase of this project began with the addition of the children born and/or deceased between 1800 and 1824 to the families created before 1800. This process was completed last April and represented over 250 000 new genealogical links in our family reconstructions.

What’s next?

Our plan is to complete the reconstruction of families up to the year 1824 by the end of 2016. All in all, this should represent about 350 000 new individuals, 60 000 new families and close to a million new genealogical links in the database.

To better understand the concept of genealogical links and family reconstructions, visit our page on the subject!

About the PRDH

The PRDH is a repertory of vital events (baptisms, marriages and burials) registered in Quebec during the 1621-1849 period, and a genealogical dictionary of families of the 1621-1799 period for the same region. You will find more information regarding the PRDH here.

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