What is Genealogy Quebec?

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Genealogy Quebec is a subscription based research website regrouping all of the collections and tools developed by the Drouin Institute over the course of its existence.

The website’s 15 tools and collections total for over 100 million images and files covering all of Quebec as well as part of the United States, Ontario and Acadia from 1621 to this day. Genealogy Quebec is by far the largest collection of Quebec genealogical and historical documents on the Web.

A Genealogy Quebec subscription gives access to the following tools (click on the tool’s name for more details):

  • The LAFRANCE – Index with link to the original document of baptisms, marriages and burials from Quebec, Ontario, Acadia and the United States.
    • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic baptisms and burials from 1621 to 1861
    • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic marriages from 1621 to 1918
    • ALL of Quebec’s Protestant marriages from 1760 to 1849
    • 1,450,000 Quebec Catholic marriages from 1919 to today
    • 80,000 Quebec civil marriages from 1969 to today
    • 140,000 Ontario marriages from 1850 to today
    • 38,000 marriages from the United States
    • 3,000 Quebec Protestant marriages from 1850 to 1941
    • 17,000 miscellaneous Quebec marriages from 2018 and 2019
    • 68,000 miscellaneous Quebec BMD records from the 20th and 21st century
    • CURRENTLY BEING ADDED: Tens of thousands of baptisms, marriages and burials from Ontario and Acadia as well as Protestant records from Quebec
  • Marriages and Deaths 1926-1997 – Index with link to the original document of most of the marriages and deaths celebrated in Quebec between 1926 and 1997, all religious denominations included.
  • The Obituary Section – Index and original document of:
    • 2.7 million Canadian obituaries published online between 1999 and today
    • 1,250,000 obituaries published in Quebec and Ontario newspapers between 1945 and today
    • 97,500 memorial cards published between 1860 and today
    • 739,000 tombstones from Quebec and Ontario cemeteries
  • Drouin Institute’s Great Collections – Digitization of the following collections:
  • La Masculine (Men Series)
  • Fichier Histor
  • Fiches Acadiennes (Acadian Cards)
  • Dossiers généalogiques Drouin
  • Affinités généalogiques Drouin
  • Petit Drouin
  • Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-Français
  • La Féminine (Woman Series)
  • Prévôté de Québec
  • Fiches Franco-américaines (Franco-American Files)
  • Patrimoine Familial
  • Patrimoine National
  • Kardex Noir
  • Drouin Collection Records – All of Quebec’s parish registers from 1621 to 1940, as well as some from parts of Ontario, New England and Acadia.
  • The Petit NBMDS – 1,320,000 baptism, marriage and burial records from various parts of Quebec, Ontario and the United States.
  • The Connolly File6,700,000 Quebec baptism, marriage and burial files covering from 1621 to today.
  • Drouin Institute’s Family Genealogies – 660 family genealogies produced by the Drouin Institute during the 20th century. Totals for over 230 000 pages.
  • Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections – Collection of images, documents, books, pictures and directories of historical and genealogical relevance. Contains the PRDH books, the Jetté dictionary, some municipal archives, old newspapers and much more.
  • Acadia – Families – Family files, with link to the related original documents, pertaining to Acadians. Covers more than 158,000 Acadian families.
  • Postcards – Contains 256,000 postcards sent or received over the course of the 20th century. Can be searched by sender or recipient.
  • BMD Cards – A repository of millions of baptism, marriage and burial cards from Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Contains, among other things, the “Antonin Loiselle” and “Kardex” collections.
  • Census – Contains Quebec’s 1881 and 1901 censuses as well as Ontario’s 1881 census.
  • Notarized documents –  Contains some 83,000 notarized documents indexed by type of contract, cited names, name of the notary, date and location. Linked to a digitized version of the original document.
  • City directories –  Contains a digitized version of Montreal (Lovell – 1843 to 2000) and Quebec city’s (Marcotte – 1822 to 1904)  directories.


There are 3 types of subscriptions to GenealogyQuebec.com. All 3 subscriptions give access to the entire library of tools and databases; only the length of the subscriptions differ.

24h access – 7$

Monthly subscription – 14,95$

Yearly subscription – 129$

Prices are in Canadian dollar. Taxes will be applied for Canadian residents.

User guide – Getting familiar with the website

If you’re beginning on Genealogy Quebec, we recommend that you follow the Quick start guide.

Genealogy Quebec is geared towards both seasoned genealogists and novices alike. While a certain familiarity with the website is necessary to make the most of its 15 tools and collections, the majority of our users are able to retrace their ancestors through our 3 main tools, which happen to be the more straightforward and easy to use.

We have separated the collections in 3 categories in order to guide our less experienced users towards the right tools:

  • Primary research tools

These are the most comprehensive and detailed tools available on the website: The LAFRANCE, the Marriages and Deaths 1926-1997 tool, and the Obituary section. For most of our subscribers, these 3 tools will be sufficient to find their ancestors and retrace their lineage. All of these tools are equipped with a search engine.

  • Secondary research tools

These are our complimentary research tools. They are used to address potential gaps in searches made using our primary research tools, or to add additional sources and information to these searches. All of these tools are equipped with a search engine.

  • Archival funds and databases

These tools use a file tree structure. They are not equipped with a search engine and must be browsed manually.

On the Tools page, users may get more information regarding each tool, such as the type of document, the period and region covered as well as a short tutorial, by clicking on “More information”.

You will find a series of articles about our numerous tools and collections on our blog.

Establishing your ancestry and finding your ancestors using Genealogy Quebec.