LAFRANCE update, addition of 15 000 newspaper obituaries and new blog articles on Genealogy Quebec!

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The bimonthly LAFRANCE update was released earlier in the week. The additions pertain to the 1850-1861 period for Catholic baptisms and burials.

Update figures

Catholic baptisms 1850-1861 : 15 585 records added
Catholic burials 1850-1861 : 7 132 records added
In addition, the corrections sent by our users over the past 2 months have been applied.

About the LAFRANCE

The LAFRANCE, one of 16 tools available to subscribers, is a detailed index with link to the original document of ALL Catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1917, ALL Catholic baptisms and burials celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849 as well as ALL Protestant marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1760 and 1849. Baptisms and burials of the 1850-1861 period are added gradually through our bimonthly updates.

Newspaper obituaries update

The Newspaper obituaries tool, which can be found in the Obituary section on Genealogy Quebec, has been updated. Around 15 000 new death notices have been added, which brings the collection to a total of 664 001 notices. These obituaries have been taken from Quebec newspapers published between 1945 and 2015.

You can browse this collection with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

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