Connolly File update: 144 127 new baptism, marriage and burial records now available on Genealogy Quebec!

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A significant update was applied to the Connolly File, one of 15 tools available to subscribers.

63 356 baptisms, 51 900 marriages and 32 418 burials were added through this update.

What is the Connolly File?

The Connolly File is an index of Catholic and Protestant baptisms, marriages and burials from Quebec and parts of the United States and Canada covering a period spanning from 1621 to 2019. It is developed and maintained by the Société de généalogie des Cantons-de-l’Est.
The tool contains over 6 700 000 baptism, marriage and burial files.

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You will find more information about this collection as well as research tips and best practices in this article on the Drouin Institute blog.

Update details

Here is a list of the parishes in Quebec affected by this update, including the types and number of records added as well as the period they cover.

St-Augustin de Woburn
Bap. 1898-1940: 1147 files
Mar. 1899-1940: 189 files
Bur. 1898-1940: 319 files

St-Sauveur de Québec 
Bap. 1867-1941: 44258 files
Mar. 1867-1941: 8336 files
Bur. 1867-1913: 24671 files

St-Philémon de Stoke
Bap. 1875-1940: 2740 files
Mar. 1875-1940: 488 files
Bur. 1875-1940: 1166 files

St-Romain co Frontenac
Bap. 1865-1940: 3025 files
Mar. 1865-1940: 496 files
Bur. 1865-1940: 1150 files

Ste-Julie (Verchères) 
Bap. 1851-1998: 9224 files
Mar. 1851-1986: 1471 files
Bur. 1851-1994: 3423 files

Quebec register of civil status marriages and filiations
Mar. 2019: 4240 Civil Status files
Fil. 2019: 74 Civil Status files

St-Herménégilde, co Stanstead
Bap. 1856-2003: 4203 files
Mar. 1861-2003: 915 files
Bur. 1865-2003: 1569 files

In addition, some 34 862 records from 18 American parishes were added to the Connolly File through this update.

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