LAFRANCE update: 24,283 new records from Quebec, Ontario and Acadia

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24,283 new baptism, marriage and burial records are now available on the LAFRANCE, one of the 15 tools offered to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These new parish records are from Quebec, Acadia and Ontario.

Sault-St-Louis (Kahnawake) and St-Régis (First nations)

6,714 baptism and burial records from the missions of Sault-St-Louis and St-Régis have been added to the LAFRANCE. These records pertain to individuals from the First Nations and date from 1769 to 1861.

Record 6217257,

Quebec (Protestant)

The addition of Quebec Protestant records continues on the LAFRANCE with 6,079 new baptism, marriage and burial records dated between 1768 and 1861.

Record 6228993,

The table below shows the number of records added by parish, type of record and date range.

ParishType of recordMin yearMax yearAdded records
Ascot (Universalist Church)b1833185564
Ascot (Universalist Church)m18501859151
Ascot (Universalist Church)s18451859109
Frelighsburg (Anglican Church, Holy Trinity)m1850186128
Granby (Anglican Church)b18441861430
Granby (Anglican Church)m1850186153
Granby (Anglican Church)s18441861113
Granby (Congregational Church)b1842185487
Granby (Congregational Church)m1850185429
Granby (Congregational Church)s1842185341
Granby (Granby & Milton) (Anglican Church)b1850185264
Granby (Granby & Milton) (Anglican Church)m1850185221
Granby (Granby & Milton) (Anglican Church)s1850185215
Granby (Granby & Milton) (Methodist Church)b1843184315
Granby (Granby & Milton) (Methodist Church)s184318432
Granby (Methodist Church)b1857186150
Granby (Methodist Church)m1857186128
Granby (Methodist Church)s1857186113
Lennoxville (Church of England)b18271861299
Lennoxville (Church of England)m1850186146
Lennoxville (Church of England)s1827186185
Roxton (Roxton & Milton) (Anglican Church)b1853186189
Roxton (Roxton & Milton) (Anglican Church)m1853186124
Roxton (Roxton & Milton) (Anglican Church)s1853186122
Sherbrooke (Congregational Church)b18381861137
Sherbrooke (Congregational Church)m1851186160
Sherbrooke (Congregational Church)s1838186111
Sorel (Anglican, Christ Church)b179618611268
Sorel (Anglican, Christ Church)m1839186159
Sorel (Anglican, Christ Church)s17961861904
Trois-Rivières (Congrégation protestante)b17681861945
Trois-Rivières (Congrégation protestante)m1850186133
Trois-Rivières (Congrégation protestante)s17691861784

b = baptism, m = marriage, s = burial


On to Acadia, where 11,605 baptism, marriage and burial records dating from 1721 to 1861 have been added to the LAFRANCE. These are from Caraquet, Memramcook, Petit-Rocher and Ile-St-Jean.

Record 6207364,

Chatham (Ontario)

Finally, it is in Chatham, Ontario that we conclude the overview of this update, with the addition of 1,503 baptism, marriage and burial records dated 1850 to 1861.

Record 6227420,

These records can be browsed in the LAFRANCE, which also contains ALL of Quebec’s Catholic marriages from 1621 to 1918, ALL of Quebec’s Catholic baptisms and burials from 1621 to 1861, ALL of Quebec’s Protestant marriages from 1760 to 1849 as well as over 68 000 additional BMD records from 1861 to 2008.
You will find more information about the LAFRANCE on the Drouin Institute’s blog.



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