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Cemetery directories from 200 locations in Quebec and its surroundings have been added to the BMD Cards, one of 15 collections available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

Each directory contains a list of individuals buried in the cemetery. In many cases, the directory will also contain an historical overview of the location and its significant families, a map of the cemetery, as well as additional information relating to the region’s history.

You will find these 4,900 new images in the BMD Cards tool under the “Cimetières, historiques et lieux” folder.

You can browse the BMD Cards as well as tens of millions of genealogical documents by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

List of locations

You will find a list of the locations included in this collection below.

Argenteuil, Cimetière de St. Andrew’s ProtestantArundel, Cimetière de Rivière Rouge Cemetery
Atholville, NB, Cemetery of Old Athol HouseAtlas of the City of Montreal 1890
Atlas of the City of Montreal 1912-1914Barnston, Cimetière de Pleasant Hill
Bristol, Cimetière de Norway Bay Anglican CemeteryBrome West, Cimetière de Pettes
Brome, Cimetière de Congregational Church OldBroughton, Cimetière de Broughton Cemetery
Buckingham, Cimetière de St. John Glen AlmondBuckingham, Cimetière de St. Stephen Anglican
Calumet, Cimetière d’Edendale CemeteryCemeteries of Southwestern Quebec (68 lieux, historiques et cimetières)
Chatham, Cimetière de Dalesville Baptist ChurchChatham, Cimetière de Ogdensburg Cemetery
Chatham, Cimetière de St. Mungo’s United ChurchClarenceville, St-George’s Anglican Cemetery
Cleveland, Cimetière de St. Anne CemeteryComté d’Argenteuil, Cimetière de Dunany
Dunham, Cimetière de All Saints AnglicanDunham, Cimetière de Bates
Dunham, Cimetière de ScottsmoreFarnham, Cimetière de Jewell Family
Forillon National Park, Cimetière de Cap-aux-Os Methodist UnitedForillon National Park, Cimetière de Indian Cove Methodist
Forillon National Park, Cimetière de Peninsula AnglicanForillon National Park, Cimetière de St-George’s Cove, Little Anglican
Forillon National Park, Cimetière de St-George’s Cove, MethodistForillon National Park, Cimetière de St-George’s Cove, Roman Catholic
Frampton, Inventaire des sépultures de la paroisse St-ÉdouardFrampton, Springbrook Anglican Cemetery
Franklin, Cimetière de Abbott FarmGaspé Bay – Cimetière de O’Hara Graveyard
Gaspé Bay – Cimetière de Rosebridge Methodist UnitedGaspé Bay – Cimetière de Wakeham, Old Cemetery
Glen Sutton Cemetery Brock Memorial ParkGodmanchester, Cimetière de Smellie Graveyard
Godmanchester, Cimetière de Zion Church CemeteryGore, Cimetière de St. Aidan’s Anglican
Gore, Cimetière de St. John’s Anglican.Gore, Cimetière de St. Paul’s Anglican
Grenville, Cimetière de la Famille BeauchampGrenville, Cimetière de McNeil’s Cemetery
Grenville, Cimetière de Mille Isles AnglicanGrenville, Cimetière de Mille Isles Methodist
Grenville, Cimetière de Mille Isles PresbyterianGrenville, Cimetière de St. Mary’s Anglican Church.
Grenville, Cimetière de St. Matthew’s AnglicanGrenville, Cimetière Pointe au Chene
Harrington, Cimetière de Harrington Glen CemeteryHarrington, Cimetière de Lost River
Harrington, Cimetière de RivingtonHarrington, Cimetière de Shaw’s Cemetery
Havelock, Cimetière de Wesley Knox UnitedHemmingford, Cimetière de Union Church Cemetery
Hereford Village, Cimetière de All Saints AnglicanHereford, Cimetière de Chemin des Côtes
Hereford, Cimetière de Hall Stream, OldHereford, Cimetière de Herbert Lawton Memorial
Hinchinbrooke, Cimetière de Rockburn HillsideHistory of Chateauguay Valley volume 1 (11 lieux)
History of Chateauguay Valley volume 2 (17 lieux)History of Chateauguay Valley volume 3 (12 lieux)
Inverness, Cimetière de Boutelle CemeteryInverness, Cimetière de Scotch Settlement
Kingsey, Cimetière de Maplewood CemeteryKingsey, cimetière de Trenholm United Church Cemetery
Kinnear’s Mills, Cimetière de Ewert Hill Private CemeteryLachine, Cimetière de McNaughton Cemetery
Lake Joseph, Cimetière de First Burying PlaceLochaber West, Cimetière de Lochaber Bay Cemetery
Lochaber, Cimetière de Macgilivray CemeteryLysander Falls, Cimetière de Lysander Falls Cemetery
Matane, Cimetière de Metis Beach United ChurchMelbourne, Cimetière de St. Andrew’s Cemetery
Montréal, Cimetière de Anglican GarrisonMontréal, Cimetière de Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery
Montréal, Cimetière de Old English Burial GroundMorin Heights, Cimetière de Hillside Cemetery
Morin Heights, Trinity Church CemeteryNorth Pinnacle, Cimetière de Deming
Noyan, Old 3rd Concession CemeteryQuébec (Mount Hermon Cemetery), ordre alphabétique et par année
Québec, Cimetière de St. Matthew’s AnglicanShipton, Cimetière de Castlebar Cemetery
South of St-Georges-de-Beauce, Marlow in Armstrong PresbyterianStanbridge, Cimetière de Ploss Burying Ground
Stanbridge, Cimetière de Stanbridge RidgeStanbridge, Cimetière de Stanton
St-André-d’Argenteuil, Cimetière de Christ Church AnglicanSt-Armand, Cimetière Baptist Cemetery
St-Armand, Cimetière de BarnesSt-Armand, Cimetière de Hawley Family
St-Armand, Cimetière de Johnson FamilySt-Armand, Cimetière Protestant
St-Eustache, cimetière de Grand Lafresniere Presbyterian ChurchSt-Joseph-de-Beauce, BMS Anglican Congregation
St-Joseph-de-Beauce, BMS Presbyterian CongregationSt-Malachie, Dorchester Cimetière Cemetery 1857-1986
St-Sylvestre, Cimetière de King CemeterySt-Urbain Catholic Cemetery
Sutton, Cimetière de FairmountSutton, Cimetière de Morse Family
Sutton, Cimetière de Pettes, AseltineSutton, Cimetière de Westover
Sutton, Cimetières de Abercorn Old and NewTownship of Leeds, Ferguson Private Cemetery

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