Connolly File update: 79,414 new records on Genealogy Quebec

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An update has been applied to the Connolly File, one of the 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

39,745 births, 22,209 marriages and 17,460 deaths were added through this update.

What is the Connolly File?

The Connolly File is an index of births, marriages and deaths from Quebec and parts of the United States and Canada covering a period spanning from 1621 to 2021. It is developed and maintained by the Société de généalogie des Cantons-de-l’Est.
The tool contains over 6,839,262 birth, marriage and death records.

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Update details

Here is a more detailed overview of the update.


St-Jean-Baptiste de Sherbrooke
Births 1884-1940 : 9135 records
Marriages 1884-1940 : 1659 records
Deaths 1884-1940 : 4138 records

Waterville Church of England
Births 1856-1942: 1070 records
Marriages 1875-1942: 210 records
Deaths 1846-1943: 469 records

Births 1879-1940: 2586 records
Marriages 1881-1940: 472 records
Deaths 1880-1940: 1230 records

Quebec Civil Registration
Births 2021 : 127 records
Marriages 2021 : 6150 records

St-Ludger comté de Frontenac
Births 1897-1940: 2892 records
Marriages 1897-1940: 376 records
Deaths 1897-1940: 874 records

St-Chrysostome de Châteauguay
Births 1840-1940: 10860 records
Marriages 1841-1990: 2546 records
Deaths 1840-1940: 4265 records

Wickham, Drummond county, St-Jean-l’Évangéliste
Births 1865-1940: 3248 records
Marriages 1865-1940: 505 records
Deaths 1865-1940: 1498 records

St-Félix-de-Kingsey, Drummond county
Births 1842-1940: 5784 records
Marriages 1842-1940: 1070 records
Deaths 1842-1940: 2057 records

United States

St. Roch de Fall River MA
Marriages 1865-1982: 1667 records

Auclair Funeral Home, Fall River MA
Deaths 1894-1992: 2929 records

St. Joseph, Attleboro MA
Births 1870-1995: 4043 records

Lewiston ME, St. Patrick
Marriages 1876-1978: 2350 records

Notre Dame, Waterville ME
Marriages 1903-1980: 2161 records

Sacred Heart, Waterville ME
Marriages 1901-1980: 2571 records

Our Lady of Holy Rosary, Richmond VT
Marriages 1857-1932: 472 records

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team