Lovell’s Montreal City Directory now available up to 1978 on Genealogy Quebec!

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The years 1915 to 1978 of Lovell’s Montreal City Directory have been added to the City Directories tool, one of the 15 collections offered to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

In total, 150,000 new images are now available to subscribers of the website.

Lovell’s Montreal City Directory

The Lovell is a municipal directory of the city of Montreal and its surroundings published since the 1840s. It contains, among other things, a list of residents sorted by street and address, a list of residents in alphabetical order, a list of merchants and professionals as well as a list of various institutions.

On Genealogy Quebec, the Lovell is presented in a tree structure in the City Directories tool. Every year, from 1843 to 1978, is divided into a series of subfolders:

  • Introduction – Contains the cover page, a preface, as well as a table of contents
  • Index to Streets, Avenues, Lanes – An index of the streets, avenues and lanes of the city
  • Index to Miscellaneous – An index of miscellaneous institutions (shops, religious and governmental buildings, schools, etc.) by name
  • Index to Page Advertisers – An index of advertisers who paid for a full page advertisement
  • List of Line Advertisers – An index of advertisers who paid for a small advertisement
  • Advertisers Business Classified Directory – Advertisers indexed by type of of services offered
  • Street Directory – An index of residents and businesses, sorted by street and address
  • Alphabetical Directory – An index of residents and businesses, sorted by name
  • Places in the neighborhood of Montreal outside city limits – A shorter, less detailed version of the city directory for neighborhoods of Montreal that weren’t inside city limits at the time
  • Miscellaneous directory – An index of traders and professionals organized by the types of services they offer

Within these folders, another series of subfolders divides the images by letter, in alphabetical order. For example, to find the address of a Desjardins ancestor, you must go to Alphabetical Directory and open the “D” folder under the desired year.

The City Directories tool also contains the Marcotte, which is the Lovell‘s equivalent for Quebec City.

You can browse the Marcotte and Lovell directories as well as tens of millions of other documents of historical and genealogical interest by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

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