LAFRANCE update: 21,083 new records on Genealogy Quebec

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21,083 new baptism, marriage and burial records are now available on the LAFRANCE, one of 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These new records come from 19 Acadian parishes and span from 1796 to 1862.

Mariage acadien provenant de Généalogie Québec
Grégoire Leblanc and Domitile Caissy’s marriage record at Grande-Digue, added in the latest LAFRANCE update.
Source: Record 7992792,

In addition to these new records, the LAFRANCE contains:

  • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic marriages from 1621 to 1918
  • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic baptisms from 1621 to 1861
  • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic burials from 1621 to 1861
  • ALL of Quebec’s Protestant marriages from 1760 to 1849
  • 1,450,000 Quebec Catholic marriages from 1919 to today
  • 80,000 Quebec civil marriages from 1969 to today
  • 140,000 Ontario marriages from 1850 to today
  • 38,000 marriages from the United States
  • 3,000 Quebec Protestant marriages from 1850 to 1941
  • 17,000 miscellaneous Quebec marriages from 2018 and 2019
  • 68,000 miscellaneous baptisms and burials from 1862 to 2019

More information about the LAFRANCE can be found on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

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Finally, here is a detailed overview of the added Acadian records by year and location:

Parish / Location Type Start End Records
Acadie (St-Bernard de Neguac)b1796179982
Acadie (St-Bernard de Neguac)m1796179811
Acadie (St-Bernard de Neguac)d179617998
Barachois, Nouveau-Brunswick (St-Henri)b181218622193
Barachois, Nouveau-Brunswick (St-Henri)m18201862512
Barachois, Nouveau-Brunswick (St-Henri)d18121861368
Cap-Pelé (Ste-Thérèse)b18591862170
Cap-Pelé (Ste-Thérèse)m1860186220
Cap-Pelé (Ste-Thérèse)d1860186221
Carleton (St-Joseph)b1819181942
Carleton (St-Joseph)m181918203
Carleton (St-Joseph)d1819181911
Central Kingsclear (Ste-Anne)b18241859314
Central Kingsclear (Ste-Anne)m1824185623
Central Kingsclear (Ste-Anne)d1824185551
Charlo (St-François-Xavier)b18531862213
Charlo (St-François-Xavier)m1855186115
Dalhousie (La-Décollation-de-St-Jean-Baptiste)b1843184312
Escuminac (Stella-Maris et Baie-Ste-Anne)b18011861648
Escuminac (Stella-Maris et Baie-Ste-Anne)m1801186161
Escuminac (Stella-Maris et Baie-Ste-Anne)d1801185567
Frédéricton (St-Dunstan)b182718665083
Frédéricton (St-Dunstan)m18271861880
Frédéricton (St-Dunstan)d18271861165
Frédéricton (Ste-Anne)b18061859602
Frédéricton (Ste-Anne)m1809185977
Frédéricton (Ste-Anne)d18091855125
Grande-Digue (Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation-de-Wellington)b180018622185
Grande-Digue (Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation-de-Wellington)m18001862469
 Grande-Digue (Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation-de-Wellington)d18021862512
Johnville (St-Jean-Baptiste)b186118612
Lamèque (St-Urbain)b18401862353
Lamèque (St-Urbain)m1849186026
Lamèque (St-Urbain)d1848185314
Milltown (St-Étienne)b183818621594
Milltown (St-Étienne)m18381862255
Milltown (St-Étienne)d1853186149
Scoudouc (St-Jacques)b18501862136
Scoudouc (St-Jacques)m1852186110
Scoudouc (St-Jacques)d1855186124
Shippagan (St-Jérôme)b182418621087
Shippagan (St-Jérôme)m18241862116
Shippagan (St-Jérôme)d1824185875
St-François-Xavier (Madawaska)b18591862193
St-François-Xavier (Madawaska)m1859186129
St-François-Xavier (Madawaska)d1859186238
St-Léonard (Madawaska)b18541861324
St-Léonard (Madawaska)m1854186114
St-Léonard (Madawaska)d186018605
St-Louis-des-Français (St-Louis)b180018621411
St-Louis-des-Français (St-Louis)m18021862252
St-Louis-des-Français (St-Louis)d18021862213
m = marriage, b = baptism, d = burial

Genealogically yours,

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