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Massive PRDH-IGD Update: Over a Million New Files

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It is our great pleasure to announce one of the most important updates ever made to PRDH-IGD!

subscription to will now give you access to all French-Canadian individuals and families who lived in Quebec from the very beginnings of the French colony to 1861!

This massive update adds over a decade of coverage to the database, and represents the addition of 738,696 vital records, 544,537 individuals and 94,264 families.

Your family history awaits you! Subscribe to PRDH-IGD today and discover your ancestors with the most detailed and comprehensive database of its kind.

What is PRDH-IGD? is a database of all Catholic baptisms, marriages and burials recorded in Quebec between 1621 and 1861 (nearly 3.2 million records) as well as a genealogical dictionary of families commonly known as “Family reconstructions”.

All individuals mentioned in these records receive their own “individual file” which centralizes the information available on the individual, along with links to the records in which they are mentioned.

In addition, every married couple receives their own “family file”, which fulfills a similar role as the individual file, but for a family unit.
It contains a list of the couple’s children with links to their respective individual files and vital events, as well as additional information about the married couple.

As a result, PRDH-IGD can be described as a detailed family tree of the entire French-Canadian population from the colony’s beginnings to 1861.

PRDH-IGD is the result of a rigorous academic effort spanning decades and is recognized worldwide as one of the most detailed and reliable demographic databases.

You’ll find a more detailed overview of the database at this address.

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Price adjustment

PRDH-IGD’s prices have been adjusted for the first time in over 5 years. This moderate adjustment follows the inflation rate of recent years and ensures continuity in the quality of our services.

Adjusted prices can be viewed at this address.

Next steps

This update represents a significant step towards completing family reconstructions up to 1861. However, further updates are planned over the coming months to complete the period. You can follow all future developments through our newsletter.

Genealogically yours,

The Institut Drouin and PRDH teams