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More Drouin Collection Rescanning and 25% Discount on Genealogy Quebec

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83,000 images from the registers of 72 Quebec parishes have been rescanned on Genealogy Quebec to improve their clarity.

To this day, over 1.3 million Drouin collection images have been rescanned and are available exclusively on Genealogy Quebec.

Comparison between the old and new versions of the Drouin Collection’s images.
Source: Drouin Collection Records,

The resolution of these new images is two to three times higher than that of the previous copy, which ensures great legibility.

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The Drouin Collection Records

The Drouin Collection Records are a collection of parish registers (baptisms, marriages and burials) covering all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States, from the parish’s foundation up to the 1940s and sometimes 1960s.

You can browse the Drouin collection with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

The LAFRANCE, also available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers, is a search engine allowing you to explore these parish registers by names.

You can browse the LAFRANCE at this address.

List of rescanned parishes

Here are the parishes that were rescanned in this update.

Adamsville (St-Vincent-Ferrier)1873-1940
Asbestos (St-Aimé)1897-1924
Ascot Corner (St-Stanislas-de-Kostka)1913-1940
Athelstan et Elgin (Presbyterian and United Church)1911-1940
Barnston (St-Wilfrid – Kingscroft)1904-1940
Beaulac (Garthby Station)1878-1940
Bedford (St-Damien)1869-1901
Beebe (Ste-Thérèse-de-l’Enfant-Jésus)1925-1940
Béthanie (Très-St-Enfant-Jésus-d’Ély)1916-1940
Bishopton (St-Clément)1922-1940
Brigham (Ste-Marie-Médiatrice)1925-1940
Bromont (St-François-Xavier-de-West-Shefford)1859-1940
Bromptonville (St-Denis)1925-1940
Bromptonville (St-Praxède)1872-1940
Bury (St-Raphaël)1899-1940
Chartierville (Emberton)1883-1940
Coaticook (St-Edmond)1880-1940
Coaticook (St-Jean-l’Évangéliste)1913-1940
Coaticook (St-Marc)1917-1927
Cookshire (St-Camille)1898-1939
Cowansville (Ste-Thérèse-de-l’Enfant-Jésus)1928-1940
Danville (Ste-Anne)1866-1940
Dixville (St-Mathieu)1916-1940
Dunham (Ste-Croix)1850-1920
East Angus (St-Louis-de-France)1888-1940
East Hereford1908-1940
Farnham (St-Romuald)1871-1929
Fitch Bay (St-Éphrem)1922-1940
Franklin (Church of England, Methodist and Congregational Church)1891-1940
Granby (Notre-Dame)1916-1931
Ham-Nord (Sts-Anges)1869-1940
Hemmingford (Presbyterian Church of England and Methodist Church)1866-1940
Huntingdon (Presbyterian, Methodist and Church of England Saint Andrew)1856-1916
Iberville (St-Athanase-de-Bleury)1870-1939
Johnville (Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix)1919-1940
La Patrie1876-1940
L’Acadie (Ste-Marguerite-de-Blairfindie)1784-1790
Lac-Mégantic (Ste-Agnès)1886-1940
Lennoxville (St-Antoine)1878-1940
Magog (St-Patrice)1861-1937
Maricourt (Ste-Marie-d’Ély)1893-1940
Milton (Ste-Cécile)1857-1922
Milton (St-Valérien)1854-1929
Richmond (Ste-Bibiane)1895-1940
Rock Forest1892-1916
Roxton Falls (St-Jean-Baptiste)1938-1940
Roxton Pond (Ste-Prudentienne)1874-1940
Shebrooke (St-Michel1877-1896
Sherrington (St-Patrice)1865-1925
St-Alexandre (Iberville)1851-1862
St-Édouard (Napierville)1849-1904
Ste-Sabine (Missisquoi)1922-1940
St-Jean (Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice)1906-1940
St-Jean (St-Edmond)1903-1940
St-Jean (St-Jean-l’Évangéliste)1853-1940
Stukely-Nord (Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours)1907-1940
Sutton (St-André)1867-1940
Waterloo (St-Bernardin)1865-1940

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team