The LAFRANCE (Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths)

The LAFRANCE is a database of baptisms, marriages and deaths from Quebec, Ontario and Acadia, and will be your most powerful tool to grow your family tree on Genealogy Quebec. With the LAFRANCE, you will be able to trace your ancestry from your parents to the first immigrant in your family to have set foot in Quebec. The LAFRANCE contains:

  • 5 100 000 marriages from Quebec, Ontario, Acadia and the United States dating from 1621 to today
  • 1 950 000 baptisms from Quebec, Ontario and Acadia dating from 1621 to 1861
  • 920 000 deaths from Quebec, Ontario and Acadia dating from 1621 to 1861
You will find these parish records under two formats on the LAFRANCE:

  • Original documents – a digitized image of the original parish register, as it was originally recorded

  • Record certificate – Every record in the database is indexed under what we refer to as a certificate. The certificate contains all the relevant information extracted from the original record such as the names, dates, roles, occupations, relationships, marital status, etc.

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