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227 Parishes Redigitized and 25% off on Genealogy Quebec

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51,000 images from the registers of 227 Quebec parishes have been rescanned on Genealogy Quebec to improve their clarity.

To this day, over 1.35 million Drouin collection images have been rescanned and are available exclusively on Genealogy Quebec.

Comparison between the old and new versions of the Drouin Collection’s images.
Source: Drouin Collection Records,

The resolution of these new images is two to three times higher than that of the previous copy, which ensures great legibility.

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The Drouin Collection Records

The Drouin Collection Records are a collection of parish registers (baptisms, marriages and burials) covering all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States, from the parish’s foundation up to the 1940s and sometimes 1960s.

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The LAFRANCE, also available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers, is a search engine allowing you to explore these parish registers by names.

You can browse the LAFRANCE at this address.

List of rescanned parishes

Here are the parishes that have been rescanned in this update.

Abbott Corner (Baptist Church)1897-1911
Arundel (Anglican Church)1902-1942
Arundel (Church of England)1869-1915
Arundel (Episcopal Church)1892
Arundel (Holiness Movement)1898-1922
Arundel (Methodist Church)1876-1923
Arundel (Presbyterian Church)1875-1923
Arundel (Protestants)1897
Arundel (Standard Church)1936-1940
Arundel (United Church)1936-1942
Avoca (Baptist Church)1912-1942
Avoca (Presbyterian Church)1895-1920
Avoca (United Church)1936-1942
Bedford (Anglican Church)1851-1864
Belle-Rivière (Church of Scotland)1834
Belle-Rivière (Église évangélique)1862-1887
Belle-Rivière (Presbyterian Church)1888-1915
Bolton (Anglican, Saint Andrew)1862
Bolton (Baptist Church)1864-1941
Bolton West (Secrétaire-trésorier)1928-1942
Brome (Baptist Church)1879-1884
Brome (Congregational Church)1842-1854
Brownsburg (Anglican Church)1923
Brownsburg (Baptist Church)1936-1938
Brownsburg (United Church)1936-1942
Buckland (Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice)1857-1862
Calumet (Methodist Church)1888-1919
Calumet (Pentecostal Church)1935-1940
Calumet (Protestants)1937-1941
Calumet (United Church)1938-1940
Carillon (Methodist Church)1890
Chapeau (St-Alphonse)1883-1929
Clarenceville (Anglican Church)1852-1854
Clarenceville (Baptist Church)1887-1942
Cowansville (Anglican Church)1854-1864
Cowansville (Congregational Church)1845
Cowansville (Secrétaire-trésorier)1925-1930
Cushing (Presbyterian Church)1892-1921
Cushing (United Church)1939-1942
Dalesville (Baptist Church)1877-1942
Drummondville (Anglican Church)1823-1942
Dunham (Church of England)1848
Dunham (Secrétaire-trésorier)1930
Dunkin (Baptist Church)1924
Durham (Baptist Church)1859-1873
Durham (Congregational Church)1842-1919
Durham (Methodist Church)1854-1925
Farnham (Secrétaire-trésorier)1931-1935
Farnham-East (Baptist Church)1864-1893
Fort Beauharnois1732-1760
Fort Chambly1759-1760
Fort Châteauguay1751-1762
Fort Presqu’Ile1757-1762
Frelighsburg (Anglican Church)1852-1942
Frost Village (Anglican Church)1857-1864
Gore (Church of England)1854-1904
Gore (Episcopal Church)1839-1844
Gore (Protestants)1879-1895
Granby (Congregational Church)1842-1854
Grande-Entrée (Sacré-Cœur)1900-1948
Grenville (Anglican Church)1914-1942
Grenville (Baptist Church)1872-1942
Grenville (Church of England)1837-1913
Grenville (Church of Scotland)1867
Grenville (Congregational Church)1878
Grenville (Methodist Church)1860-1923
Grenville (Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs)1879-1940
Grenville (Presbyterian Church)1844-1914
Grenville (Protestants)1937-1938
Grenville (Scotch Presbyterian Church)1848-1866
Grenville (United Church)1939-1941
Grindstone Island (Protestants)1929-1949
Grosse-Île (Protestants)1929-1949
Harrington (Methodist Church)1889
Harrington (Presbyterian Church)1862-1913
Harrington (United Church)1935-1942
Havre-Aubert (Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation)1793-1929
Havre-Saint-Pierre (St-Pierre)1860-1905
Huberdeau (Standard Church)1940
Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Protestants)1858-1928
Inverness (Anglican Church)1859-1925
Inverness (Baptist Church)1871-1872
Inverness (Holiness Movement)1902-1913
Inverness (Methodist Church)1859-1925
Inverness (Presbyterian Church)1858-1942
Inverness (Secrétaire-trésorier)1914-1940
Inverness (Standard Church)1927-1928
Inverness (United Church)1926-1942
Ireland (Methodist Church)1860-1873
Ireland and Maplegrove (Anglican Church)1858-1942
Kilkenny (Church of England)1874-1905
Kilmar (United Church)1935-1942
Kinnear’s Mills (United Church)1927-1942
Knowlton (Anglican Church)1856
Knowlton (Secrétaire-trésorier)1901-1911
Lac-Beauport (St-Dunstan)1834
Lachute (Anglican Church)1912-1942
Lachute (Baptist Church)1884-1942
Lachute (Church of England)1869-1911
Lachute (Episcopal Church)1879-1893
Lachute (Free Church)1859-1862
Lachute (Methodist Church)1852-1923
Lachute (Presbyterian Church)1842-1942
Lachute (United Church)1936-1942
Lake View (Presbyterian Church)1897-1905
Lakefield (Anglican Church)1901-1942
Lakefield (Church of England)1890-1910
Lakefield (Episcopal Church)1892-1896
Lakefield (Methodist Church)1881-1909
Lakefield (Protestants)1936-1938
Lakefield (Trinity Church)1939
L’Ancienne-Lorette (Notre-Dame-de-l’Annonciation)1777-1800
Leeds (Anglican Church)1855-1942
Leeds (Methodist Church)1858-1909
Leeds (Presbyterian Church)1858-1939
L’Étang-du-Nord (St-Pierre)1863-1868
Lost River (Presbyterian Church)1896-1923
Mabel (Baptist Church)1923
Mansonville (Baptist Church)1909-1942
Mascouche (Methodist Church)1880
Mille-Isles (Anglican Church)1908-1942
Mille-Isles (Christ Church)1941
Mille-Isles (Church of England)1862-1912
Mille-Isles (Presbyterian Church)1864-1940
Mille-Isles (Protestants)1920-1922
Morin (Church of England)1862-1888
Morin (Protestants)1920
Morin Flats (Holiness Movement)1906-1910
Morin Heights (Anglican Church)1909-1942
Morin Heights (Christ Church)1941
Morin Heights (Methodist Church)1915-1916
Morin Heights (Protestants)1942
Morin Heights (Trinity Church)1936-1940
Morin Heights (United Church)1938-1942
New Glasgow (Anglican Church)1910-1942
New Glasgow (Church of England)1870-1915
New Glasgow (Methodist Church)1875-1915
New Glasgow (Presbyterian Church)1875-1940
New Glasgow (United Church)1941-1942
North Gore (Church of England)1852-1869
North Gore (Methodist Church)1867-1875
Notaire André Bouchard dit Lavallée1834-1874
Notaire Augustin Mackay1827-1872
Notaire Blotters1852-1858
Notaire Jean-Moïse Lefebvre1863-1881
Notaire Joseph Ledoux1868-1872
Notaire Joseph Lesiège dit Lafontaine1856-1886
Notaire Joseph Turgeon1783-1808
Notaire Joseph-Paul Filiatrault1832-1852
Notaire Louis-Adélard-A. Brien1886-1919
Notaire Louis-Hector J. Bellerose1875-1900
Notaire Paul Filiatrault1838-1852
Notaire Pierre-Rémi Gagnier1784-1817
Notaire Stephan Mackay1821-1859
Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix (Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix)1909
Noyan & Foucault (Anglican Church)1858-1864
Oka (Methodist Church)1870-1909
Oka (Pentecostal Church)1935-1942
Oka (United Church)1936-1942
Ottawa (Ste-Brigide)1890-1907
Philipsburg (Anglican Church)1809-1942
Philipsburg (Congregational Church)1845-1853
Ponsonby (Methodist Church)1896-1900
Potton (Anglican Church)1856-1864
Potton (Baptist Church)1911-1915
Potton (Methodist Church)1846
Registre des Notaires de Detroit1778-1796
Repentigny (La Purification-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie)1679-1810
Rivington (Baptist Church)1936-1942
Roussillon (Baptist Church)1921-1923
Roxton Pond (Baptist Church)1876-1942
Salaberry (Presbyterian Church)1875-1910
Shawbridge (Methodist Church)1866-1922
Shawbridge (Protestants)1942
Shawbridge (United Church)1936-1941
Shefford (Anglican Church)1852-1854
Shefford (Baptist Church)1939-1942
Shrewsbury (Anglican Church)1941
South Ely (Baptist Church)1878-1932
St-André-Est (Anglican Church)1926-1942
St-André-Est (Christ Church)1937-1938
St-André-Est (Methodist Church)1855
St-André-Est (Presbyterian Church)1897-1942
St-André-Est (United Church)1936-1942
St-Armand-Est (Baptist Church)1864-1915
St-Armand-Est (Church of England)1856
Ste-Agathe-des-Monts (Trinity Church)1936-1942
Ste-Foy (Notre-Dame-de-Foy)1827-1829
Ste-Sophie (État civil)1938-1940
Ste-Sophie (Presbyterian Church)1866
Ste-Thérèse (Church of Scotland)1834
Ste-Thérèse (Presbyterian Church)1845-1887
Ste-Thérèse (United Church)1888
Ste-Thérèse (United Church)1936-1942
St-Eustache (Church of Scotland)1834-1837
St-Eustache (Presbyterian Church)1846-1856
St-Eustache (United Church)1936-1942
St-Faustin (Methodist Church)1891-1916
St-Faustin (St-Faustin)1934
St-Hippolyte-de-Kilkenny (St-Hippolyte)1866-1869
St-Jovite (Methodist Church)1897-1916
St-Mungo (United Church)1848
Stonefield (Baptist Church)1896-1921
St-Philippe-d’Argenteuil (Baptist Church)1842-1922
St-Philippe-d’Argenteuil (Church of England)1837-1860
St-Philippe-d’Argenteuil (Church of Scotland)1833-1867
St-Philippe-d’Argenteuil (Methodist Church)1861-1907
St-Philippe-D’Argenteuil (Presbyterian Church)1844-1899
St-Sauveur-des-Monts (Methodist Church)1892
Stukely (Anglican Church)1851-1863
St-Vallier (St-Philippe-et-St-Jacques)1713-1786
Sutton (Baptist Church)1864-1942
Sutton (Secrétaire-trésorier)1931-1937
Sutton, Glen Sutton and West Sutton (Anglican Church)1891-1942
Terrebonne (Church of England)1872-1918
Thetford Mines (Anglican Church)1907-1942
Thetford Mines (Methodist Church)1910-1927
Thetford Mines (Secrétaire-trésorier)1924-1926
Thetford Mines (United Church)1926-1943
Ulverton (United Church)1926-1942
Valcourt (Baptist Church)1918-1936
Victoriaville (Greffe)1929-1942
Ville-Marie (Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire)1873-1933
Waterloo (Anglican Church)1855-1863
Wentworth (Anglican Church)1941
Wentworth (Church of England)1869-1881
West Shefford (Anglican Church)1855-1863

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team