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Genealogy Quebec is the number one genealogical research website in Quebec

Comprehensive collections to grow your family tree

Your family story awaits. Discover it through our numerous collections...


Over 50 million historical images and documents of all kinds can be browsed in Genealogy Quebec's databases.


15 tools covering all of Quebec from its very first settlers to today will allow you to grow your family tree and trace your ancestors, no matter their location in the province.


The indexation of Genealogy Quebec's various collections is done in Quebec. The quality of the images and indexes on the website is unmatched.


Join thousands of members and discover your family story with the tools of Genealogy Quebec!

All types of historical documents

Genealogy Quebec is home to over 50 million historical and genealogical documents and images which will help you grow your family tree. These documents focus mainly on Quebec, but also Acadia, New Brunswick, as well as parts of Ontario and the Northeastern United States. A subscription to the site allows you to browse all of our collections, which include the following types of documents:

  • Parish registers and civil records
  • Notarized documents
  • Death cards
  • Censuses
  • Tombstones
  • Obituaries and death notices
  • City directories
  • Marriage, birth and death indexes
  • Family genealogies
  • Postcards
  • Baptism, marriage and burial records
Thanks to our numerous collections, you will be able to trace your ancestors and complete your family tree.

Who are we?

The Drouin Genealogical Institute has been at the forefront of Quebec genealogy for more than 100 years. During its long and fruitful existence, the Drouin Institute has developed and acquired numerous collections and databases dedicated to genealogical research in Quebec. These tools allow those who wish to trace their ancestors, grow their family tree and discover their family’s history in the province.

The Drouin Institute’s mission is to provide its clients with the necessary tools and resources to trace and preserve their family history and to conserve the vast historical and genealogical heritage of Quebec through digitization.

The Institute also works closely with various genealogical societies and libraries throughout North America, always with the goal of promoting the development of genealogy in Quebec.

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