Ontario newspaper and 5600 wedding photos added to Genealogy Quebec

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5600 wedding photos as well as the Chesterville Record, a newspaper from Ontario, were recently added to Genealogy Quebec.

The Chesterville Record

The Chersterville Record is an English-language newspaper from Ontario digitized with the collaboration of Généalogie et archives Saint-Laurent inc., a genealogical society located in Cornwall, Ontario.
This collection spans from 1894 to 1939 and also includes the year 1978.


These 11 893 new images can be browsed in the Drouin Institute’s Miscellaneous Collections, one of 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers, under the “23 – Journaux Anciens” folder. This new publication adds to the many newspapers already available in the section:

  • Commercial Gazette (Montréal)
  • Daily Witness (Montréal)
  • La Chronique de la Vallée du St-Maurice
  • La Minerve
  • La Semaine (Québec)
  • La Tribune Canadienne (Montréal)
  • La Vie Illustrée (Montréal)
  • L’Action Canadienne
  • L’Avant-Garde
  • L’Avenir de Quebec
  • Le Canada-Français
  • Le Carillon (Québec)
  • Le Castor (Québec)
  • Le Charivari (Québec)
  • Le National (Montréal)
  • Le Progrès du Golfe
  • Le Semeur Canadien (Montréal)
  • Le Trésor des Familles (Québec)
  • L’Obligation (Montréal)
  • L’Opinion Publique (Montréal)
  • L’Union de Woonsocket
  • L’Union des Cantons de l’Est (Arthabaskaville)
  • Midi-Presse (Montreal)
  • Paris-Canada (Montréal)
  • The Advertiser
  • The Canadian Jewish Review
  • The Dominion Illustrated News (Montréal)
  • The Inquirer (Trois-Rivières)
  • The Quebec Gazette
  • Écho d’Iberville
  • La Voix du Peuple
  • L’Alliance
  • L’Essor
  • Le Protectionniste
  • Le Courrier de St-Jean

Wedding photos

5600 wedding photos, mainly from Ontario and Quebec, have been added to the Drouin Miscellaneous Collections under the folder “26 – Généalogie Saint-Laurent – Cornwall, Ontario“. These photos are indexed under the surname and the first name of the groom.


The Drouin Miscellaneous Collections are also home to a variety of historical documents and archives such as letters, parish archives, postcards, biographies, judicial and municipal archives, and much more!


It is a must-see section of the website for those with a passion for history. You may browse it with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team