Over 2.4 million marriages added to the LAFRANCE on Genealogy Quebec

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2,483,450 marriages from the Marriages 1926-1997 collection have been imported into the LAFRANCE, one of 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These marriages cover all of Quebec from 1926 to 1997.

Jean Charest and Michèle Dionne’s marriage, from the Marriages 1926-1997 collection, as presented on the LAFRANCE

Prior to being imported into the LAFRANCE, these records were subjected to an exhaustive verification process, and hundreds of thousands of corrections were applied to the name, date and location fields.

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Name standardisation and the resemblance function

Our main motivation for importing these records into the LAFRANCE is its superior search engine, which is equipped with name standardisation and the resemblance function.

When searching in the LAFRANCE, name standardisation ensures that a name is associated with all of its variants. For example, a query for an individual with the surname Gauthier will prompt the search engine to look through the database for any mention of the name Gauthier as well as all of its variations, such as Gautier, Gaulthier, Gotier, etc. Thus, it is not necessary to search for each variant of a name individually when using the LAFRANCE, as was the case when using the Marriages 1926-1997 tool.

Click on the image above to test out the LAFRANCE‘s name standardisation

In addition to name standardisation, the LAFRANCE is equipped with the resemblance function, which allows searching for a name and any other name that resembles it with a single query. The resemblance function differs from name standardisation as it not only includes all of the variants of a name, but also all of the names that are similar to it in terms of pronunciation and spelling. For example, with the resemblance function activated, a search for Gauthier, which will include all of the variants listed earlier, will also include the names Gonthier, Vauthier, Gouthier, Authier as well as their numerous variations


An obvious benefit of adding these records to the LAFRANCE is the centralization of the website’s documents within a single database. This allows our subscribers to carry out more efficient and rapid searches on the site, without having to jump around between collections.

In addition to the records added today, the LAFRANCE contains:

  • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic marriages from 1621 to 1918
  • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic baptisms from 1621 to 1861
  • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic burials from 1621 to 1861
  • ALL of Quebec’s Protestant marriages from 1760 to 1849
  • 1,450,000 Quebec Catholic marriages from 1919 to today
  • 80,000 Quebec civil marriages from 1969 to today
  • 140,000 Ontario marriages from 1850 to today
  • 38,000 marriages from the United States
  • 3,000 Quebec Protestant marriages from 1850 to 1941
  • 17,000 miscellaneous Quebec marriages from 2018 and 2019
  • 68,000 miscellaneous baptisms and burials from 1862 to 2019

More information regarding the LAFRANCE can be found on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

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