Postcards Update And Tens of Thousands of New Documents on Genealogy Quebec!

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In this edition of our newsletter, we will go over the numerous additions that were made to’s tools and collections in the past few days.

Postcard images

The Postcards collection, which contains over 256 000 postcards sent or received in Quebec during the 20th century, has just received a major update. When this tool was first made available, only the back of the card was digitized and available for viewing.

Today, we have added the front side of most of the 256 000 postcards, allowing you to enjoy the cards in their entirety.

The postcards are indexed by the names of the sender and recipient. A search engine allows for easy browsing within the tool. This collection is available to subscribers at this address.

Newspaper obituaries

Some 13 723 new obituaries have been added to the Newspaper Obituaries section.

You will find the Newspaper Obituaries in the Obituary section, which is available to subscribers.


The St-Pierre de Shawinigan parish register (1899 to 2000) has been added to the “Registres québécois, Actes découpés” folder, which can be found in the Drouin Collection Records.

Still in the Drouin Collection Records, but this time in the “Registres divers”folder, you will now find 15 000 new images of various registers and archives from the city of Cannes, in France. These archives cover a period spanning from 1636 to 1902.

Also in the “Registres divers” folder, you will now be able to browse through most of the births from the state of Massachusetts for the years 1880 and 1909.

Genealogical charts from Planète Généalogie

2358 genealogical charts from the Planète Généalogie website, which was acquired by the Drouin Institute in 2017, have been added to

These charts were produced by the Planète Généalogie team as well as various collaborators within the past few years. They can be browsed in the “24 – Lignées généalogiques” folder, which can be found in the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous collections tool.

Statuts de la province de Québec

In this collection, you will find a variety of legal documents pertaining to adoptions, name changes and inheritances. The documents are sorted by the subject’s family name.

The “25 – Statuts de la province de Québec” folder can be found in the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous collections tool.

Municipal archives

Numerous books and municipal records from the cities of Victoriaville, St-Paul-de-Chester and St-Louis-de-Blandford can now be viewed in the “16 – Archives Municipales” folder, in the Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous collections tool. A total of 17 948 new images.

New articles on the Drouin Institute blog

The King’s Daughters and the PRDH database

The second part of Sandra Goodwin’s Maple Stars and Stripes podcast about the Drouin Collection Records is now available on her website.

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