45,000 new obituaries on Genealogy Quebec

45,276 newspaper obituaries from Quebec, Ontario and the United States as well as 1897 memorial cards have been added to the Obituary Section, one of 15 collections available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These documents are indexed by the first and last name as well as the date of death of the subject. You may browse them with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

Subscribe to Genealogy Quebec and trace your ancestors today using over 50,000,000 genealogical and historical images and documents!

The Obituary section

This section contains most of the obituaries, memorial cards and headstones available on Genealogy Quebec. It is divided in 4 sub-sections:

  • Internet obituaries, which contains over 2.7 million obituaries published online from 1999 to today.
  • Newspaper obituaries, which now contains close to 1,300,000 newspaper obituaries published between 1860 and today
  • Tombstones, which contains more than 740,000 pictures of headstones from hundreds of cemeteries in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Memorial cards, which contains near 100,000 memorial cards published between 1860 and today.

These collections are indexed and can be explored using a search engine. You will find more information about this section on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

Drouin Collection rescanning on Genealogy Quebec

66,522 images from the registers of 72 Catholic and Protestant parishes in Quebec have been rescanned on Genealogy Quebec, to improve their quality and clarity.

Over a million images from the Drouin collection have now been redigitized on the website.

Rescanned images.
Source: Drouin Collection Records, GenealogyQuebec.com

The resolution of these new images is two to three times higher than that of the previous copy, which ensures superior clarity.

Browse all of Quebec’s parish registers as well as millions of documents of genealogical and historical interest by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

The Drouin Collection Records

The Drouin Collection Records are a collection of parish registers (baptisms, marriages and burials) covering all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States, from the parishes’ opening up to the 1940s and sometimes 1960s.

You can browse the Drouin collection with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

The LAFRANCE, also available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers, is a search engine allowing you to explore these parish registers by searching for the individual(s) mentioned in them.

Example of a search using the LAFRANCE

You will find more information about the LAFRANCE at this address.

Rescanned parishes

Below is a list of the parishes that have been rescanned in today’s update.

Abbotsford (St-Paul)Acton Vale (St-André)
Asbestos (United Church)Ascot (Universalist Church)
Ayer’s Cliff (United Church)Ayer’s Flat (Congregational Church)
Ayer’s Flat (Congregational Church)Brompton (Church of England)
Buckingham (St-Grégoire-de-Nazianze)Bury and Lingwick (Church of England)
Coaticook (Church of England)Compton (Church of England)
Cookshire (Church of England)Danville (Church of England)
Danville (Congregational Church)Derby Line (Universalist Church)
DeschênesDixville (Church of England)
Dudswell and Ham (Church of England)East Angus (Church of England)
Eaton (Church of England)Eaton (Congregational Church)
Fitch Bay (Church of England)Fitch Bay (Congregational Church)
Georgeville (Church of England)Hatley (Church of England)
Hereford (Church of England)Hull (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce)
Hull (Notre-Dame-de-Lorette)Huntingville (Universalist Church)
Johnville (Church of England)Kingsbury and New Rockland (Church of England)
Lac Mégantic (Church of England)Lennoxville (Church of England)
Lingwick and Bury (Church of England)Magog (Church of England)
Marbleton (Church of England)Marieville (St-Nom-de-Marie)
Melbourne (Church of England)Milby (Church of England)
Newport (Church of England)North Hatley (Church of England)
North Hatley (Universalist Church)North Hatley (Universalist Church)
Ormstown (Methodist Church Saint Paul’s)Ormstown (Townships)
RichelieuRIchmond (Church of England)
Robinson (Church of England)Rougemont (St-Michel)
Sherbrooke (Church of England)Sherbrooke (Congregational Church)
Sherbrooke, Travelling Missionnary (Church of England)Shipton (Church of England)
Shipton (Congregational Church)Stanstead (Congregational Church)
St-Damase (St-Hyacinthe)St-Denis-sur-Richelieu
St-Dominique (Bagot)Ste-Hélène (Bagot)
St-Stanislas-de-KostkaSt-Timothée (Beauharnois)
Valleyfield & St-Louis-de-Gonzague (Presbyterian Church)Valleyfield (Sacré-Cœur)
Valleyfield (Ste-Cécile)Waterville (Church of England)
Waterville (Congregational Church)Weedon
Windsor Mills (St-Philippe)Wotton (St-Hippolyte)

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

50 million images and documents milestone reached on Genealogy Quebec!

Today, we reached a historic milestone on Genealogy Quebec, with now 50 million images and documents available on the website.

These millions of documents include birth, marriage and death records, parish registers, obituaries, tombstones, postcards, city directories, historical photos, and much more, covering from the early days of the French colony to the present day.

This incredible collection is the result of over a hundred years of work and effort, and we are proud of our contribution to the preservation and democratization of French Canada’s historical and genealogical heritage.

We are also very grateful to our members, without whom this accomplishment would not have been possible. Thank you!

Genealogy Quebec’s 15 collections

On Genealogy Quebec, these 50 million images and documents are divided between 15 collections and tools. Here is an overview.

  • The LAFRANCE – Index with link to the original document of baptisms, marriages and burials from Quebec, Ontario, Acadia and the United States.
    • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic baptisms and burials from 1621 to 1861
    • ALL of Quebec’s Catholic marriages from 1621 to 1918
    • ALL of Quebec’s Protestant marriages from 1760 to 1849
    • 1,450,000 Quebec Catholic marriages from 1919 to today
    • 80,000 Quebec civil marriages from 1969 to today
    • 140,000 Ontario marriages from 1850 to today
    • 38,000 marriages from the United States
    • 3,000 Quebec Protestant marriages from 1850 to 1941
    • 17,000 miscellaneous Quebec marriages from 2018 and 2019
    • 68,000 miscellaneous Quebec BMD records from the 20th and 21st century
    • CURRENTLY BEING ADDED: Tens of thousands of baptisms, marriages and burials from Ontario and Acadia as well as Protestant records from Quebec
  • Marriages and Deaths 1926-1997 – Index with link to the original document of most of the marriages and deaths celebrated in Quebec between 1926 and 1997, all religious denominations included.
  • The Obituary Section – Index and original document of:
    • 2.7 million Canadian obituaries published online between 1999 and today
    • 1,250,000 obituaries published in Quebec and Ontario newspapers between 1945 and today
    • 97,500 memorial cards published between 1860 and today
    • 739,000 tombstones from Quebec and Ontario cemeteries
  • Drouin Institute’s Great Collections – Digitization of the following collections with search engine:
    • La Masculine
    • Fichier Histor
    • Fiches Acadiennes
    • Dossiers généalogiques Drouin
    • Affinités généalogiques Drouin
    • Petit Drouin
    • Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-Français
    • La Féminine
    • Prévôté de Québec
    • Fiches Franco-américaines
    • Patrimoine Familial
    • Patrimoine National
    • Kardex Noir
  • Drouin Collection Records – All of Quebec’s parish registers from 1621 to 1940, as well as some from parts of Ontario, New England and Acadia.
  • NBMDS – 1,320,000 baptism, marriage and burial records from various parts of Quebec, Ontario and the United States.
  • The Connolly File – 6,700,000 Quebec baptism, marriage and burial files covering from 1621 to today.
  • Drouin Institute’s Family Genealogies – 660 family genealogies produced by the Drouin Institute during the 20th century. Totals for over 230 000 pages.
  • Drouin Institute’s miscellaneous Collections – Collection of images, documents, books, pictures and directories of historical and genealogical relevance. Contains the PRDH books, the Jetté dictionary, some municipal archives, old newspapers and much more.
  • Acadia – Families – Family files, with link to the related original documents, pertaining to Acadians. Covers more than 158,000 Acadian families.
  • Postcards – Contains 256,000 postcards sent or received over the course of the 20th century. Can be searched by sender or recipient.
  • BMD Cards – A repository of millions of baptism, marriage and burial cards from Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Contains, among other things, the “Antonin Loiselle” and “Kardex” collections.
  • Census – Contains Quebec’s 1881 and 1901 censuses as well as Ontario’s 1881 census.
  • Notarized documents –  Contains some 83,000 notarized documents indexed by type of contract, cited names, name of the notary, date and location. Linked to a digitized version of the original document.
  • City directories –  Contains a digitized version of Montreal (Lovell – 1843 to 2000) and Quebec city’s (Marcotte – 1822 to 1904) directories.

You can browse these 50 million images and documents and trace your ancestors by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

To conclude, we leave you with a promise: 50 million is just the beginning! Stay tuned…

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

40,000 new marriages available on Genealogy Quebec

More than 40,000 marriages have been added to the Drouin Collection Records, one of 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These new marriages, originally published on the Directeur de l’État Civil website, cover the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, and add to the 15,000 marriages already available in the collection.

Browsing the DECQ marriages

In order to consult these new marriages, head to the Drouin Collection Records and open the “Quebec” folder, where you will find the “Mariages DECQ 2018-2022” collection.

The marriages are listed in alphabetical order by the husband’s or wife’s surname.

For example, in order to find the marriage of a Cabana, simply go to the C folder and browse the list of marriages alphabetically listed within.

You can browse these marriages as well as tens of millions of genealogical and historical documents by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

What are the Drouin Collection Records?

The Drouin Collection Records contain all of the parish registers available on Genealogy Quebec, which represents over 5 million images.

Sherbrooke parish register image from the Drouin Collection Records available on GenealogyQuebec.com.

This collection is home to all of Quebec’s parish registers from 1621 to the 1940s, as well as numerous parish registers from Ontario, New Brunswick, the United States and Acadia.

You may browse the Drouin Collection Records with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

200 new cemetery directories on Genealogy Quebec

Cemetery directories from 200 locations in Quebec and its surroundings have been added to the BMD Cards, one of 15 collections available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

Each directory contains a list of individuals buried in the cemetery. In many cases, the directory will also contain an historical overview of the location and its significant families, a map of the cemetery, as well as additional information relating to the region’s history.

You will find these 4,900 new images in the BMD Cards tool under the “Cimetières, historiques et lieux” folder.

You can browse the BMD Cards as well as tens of millions of genealogical documents by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

List of locations

You will find a list of the locations included in this collection below.

Argenteuil, Cimetière de St. Andrew’s ProtestantArundel, Cimetière de Rivière Rouge Cemetery
Atholville, NB, Cemetery of Old Athol HouseAtlas of the City of Montreal 1890
Atlas of the City of Montreal 1912-1914Barnston, Cimetière de Pleasant Hill
Bristol, Cimetière de Norway Bay Anglican CemeteryBrome West, Cimetière de Pettes
Brome, Cimetière de Congregational Church OldBroughton, Cimetière de Broughton Cemetery
Buckingham, Cimetière de St. John Glen AlmondBuckingham, Cimetière de St. Stephen Anglican
Calumet, Cimetière d’Edendale CemeteryCemeteries of Southwestern Quebec (68 lieux, historiques et cimetières)
Chatham, Cimetière de Dalesville Baptist ChurchChatham, Cimetière de Ogdensburg Cemetery
Chatham, Cimetière de St. Mungo’s United ChurchClarenceville, St-George’s Anglican Cemetery
Cleveland, Cimetière de St. Anne CemeteryComté d’Argenteuil, Cimetière de Dunany
Dunham, Cimetière de All Saints AnglicanDunham, Cimetière de Bates
Dunham, Cimetière de ScottsmoreFarnham, Cimetière de Jewell Family
Forillon National Park, Cimetière de Cap-aux-Os Methodist UnitedForillon National Park, Cimetière de Indian Cove Methodist
Forillon National Park, Cimetière de Peninsula AnglicanForillon National Park, Cimetière de St-George’s Cove, Little Anglican
Forillon National Park, Cimetière de St-George’s Cove, MethodistForillon National Park, Cimetière de St-George’s Cove, Roman Catholic
Frampton, Inventaire des sépultures de la paroisse St-ÉdouardFrampton, Springbrook Anglican Cemetery
Franklin, Cimetière de Abbott FarmGaspé Bay – Cimetière de O’Hara Graveyard
Gaspé Bay – Cimetière de Rosebridge Methodist UnitedGaspé Bay – Cimetière de Wakeham, Old Cemetery
Glen Sutton Cemetery Brock Memorial ParkGodmanchester, Cimetière de Smellie Graveyard
Godmanchester, Cimetière de Zion Church CemeteryGore, Cimetière de St. Aidan’s Anglican
Gore, Cimetière de St. John’s Anglican.Gore, Cimetière de St. Paul’s Anglican
Grenville, Cimetière de la Famille BeauchampGrenville, Cimetière de McNeil’s Cemetery
Grenville, Cimetière de Mille Isles AnglicanGrenville, Cimetière de Mille Isles Methodist
Grenville, Cimetière de Mille Isles PresbyterianGrenville, Cimetière de St. Mary’s Anglican Church.
Grenville, Cimetière de St. Matthew’s AnglicanGrenville, Cimetière Pointe au Chene
Harrington, Cimetière de Harrington Glen CemeteryHarrington, Cimetière de Lost River
Harrington, Cimetière de RivingtonHarrington, Cimetière de Shaw’s Cemetery
Havelock, Cimetière de Wesley Knox UnitedHemmingford, Cimetière de Union Church Cemetery
Hereford Village, Cimetière de All Saints AnglicanHereford, Cimetière de Chemin des Côtes
Hereford, Cimetière de Hall Stream, OldHereford, Cimetière de Herbert Lawton Memorial
Hinchinbrooke, Cimetière de Rockburn HillsideHistory of Chateauguay Valley volume 1 (11 lieux)
History of Chateauguay Valley volume 2 (17 lieux)History of Chateauguay Valley volume 3 (12 lieux)
Inverness, Cimetière de Boutelle CemeteryInverness, Cimetière de Scotch Settlement
Kingsey, Cimetière de Maplewood CemeteryKingsey, cimetière de Trenholm United Church Cemetery
Kinnear’s Mills, Cimetière de Ewert Hill Private CemeteryLachine, Cimetière de McNaughton Cemetery
Lake Joseph, Cimetière de First Burying PlaceLochaber West, Cimetière de Lochaber Bay Cemetery
Lochaber, Cimetière de Macgilivray CemeteryLysander Falls, Cimetière de Lysander Falls Cemetery
Matane, Cimetière de Metis Beach United ChurchMelbourne, Cimetière de St. Andrew’s Cemetery
Montréal, Cimetière de Anglican GarrisonMontréal, Cimetière de Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery
Montréal, Cimetière de Old English Burial GroundMorin Heights, Cimetière de Hillside Cemetery
Morin Heights, Trinity Church CemeteryNorth Pinnacle, Cimetière de Deming
Noyan, Old 3rd Concession CemeteryQuébec (Mount Hermon Cemetery), ordre alphabétique et par année
Québec, Cimetière de St. Matthew’s AnglicanShipton, Cimetière de Castlebar Cemetery
South of St-Georges-de-Beauce, Marlow in Armstrong PresbyterianStanbridge, Cimetière de Ploss Burying Ground
Stanbridge, Cimetière de Stanbridge RidgeStanbridge, Cimetière de Stanton
St-André-d’Argenteuil, Cimetière de Christ Church AnglicanSt-Armand, Cimetière Baptist Cemetery
St-Armand, Cimetière de BarnesSt-Armand, Cimetière de Hawley Family
St-Armand, Cimetière de Johnson FamilySt-Armand, Cimetière Protestant
St-Eustache, cimetière de Grand Lafresniere Presbyterian ChurchSt-Joseph-de-Beauce, BMS Anglican Congregation
St-Joseph-de-Beauce, BMS Presbyterian CongregationSt-Malachie, Dorchester Cimetière Cemetery 1857-1986
St-Sylvestre, Cimetière de King CemeterySt-Urbain Catholic Cemetery
Sutton, Cimetière de FairmountSutton, Cimetière de Morse Family
Sutton, Cimetière de Pettes, AseltineSutton, Cimetière de Westover
Sutton, Cimetières de Abercorn Old and NewTownship of Leeds, Ferguson Private Cemetery

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

Connolly File update: 79,414 new records on Genealogy Quebec

An update has been applied to the Connolly File, one of the 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

39,745 births, 22,209 marriages and 17,460 deaths were added through this update.

What is the Connolly File?

The Connolly File is an index of births, marriages and deaths from Quebec and parts of the United States and Canada covering a period spanning from 1621 to 2021. It is developed and maintained by the Société de généalogie des Cantons-de-l’Est.
The tool contains over 6,839,262 birth, marriage and death records.

You may browse the Connolly File with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

You will find more information about this collection as well as research tips and best practices in this article on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

You can trace your ancestors with the Connolly File as well as tens of millions of other documents by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

Update details

Here is a more detailed overview of the update.


St-Jean-Baptiste de Sherbrooke
Births 1884-1940 : 9135 records
Marriages 1884-1940 : 1659 records
Deaths 1884-1940 : 4138 records

Waterville Church of England
Births 1856-1942: 1070 records
Marriages 1875-1942: 210 records
Deaths 1846-1943: 469 records

Births 1879-1940: 2586 records
Marriages 1881-1940: 472 records
Deaths 1880-1940: 1230 records

Quebec Civil Registration
Births 2021 : 127 records
Marriages 2021 : 6150 records

St-Ludger comté de Frontenac
Births 1897-1940: 2892 records
Marriages 1897-1940: 376 records
Deaths 1897-1940: 874 records

St-Chrysostome de Châteauguay
Births 1840-1940: 10860 records
Marriages 1841-1990: 2546 records
Deaths 1840-1940: 4265 records

Wickham, Drummond county, St-Jean-l’Évangéliste
Births 1865-1940: 3248 records
Marriages 1865-1940: 505 records
Deaths 1865-1940: 1498 records

St-Félix-de-Kingsey, Drummond county
Births 1842-1940: 5784 records
Marriages 1842-1940: 1070 records
Deaths 1842-1940: 2057 records

United States

St. Roch de Fall River MA
Marriages 1865-1982: 1667 records

Auclair Funeral Home, Fall River MA
Deaths 1894-1992: 2929 records

St. Joseph, Attleboro MA
Births 1870-1995: 4043 records

Lewiston ME, St. Patrick
Marriages 1876-1978: 2350 records

Notre Dame, Waterville ME
Marriages 1903-1980: 2161 records

Sacred Heart, Waterville ME
Marriages 1901-1980: 2571 records

Our Lady of Holy Rosary, Richmond VT
Marriages 1857-1932: 472 records

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

The Acadia – Families tool has been updated on Genealogy Quebec

An update has been applied to the Acadia – Families tool, one of the 15 collections available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

Over the past year, 17,037 family files and 37,029 baptism, marriage and burial records have been added to the collection.

What is the Acadia – Families tool?

The Acadia – Families tool contains family files based on original Acadian church records.

In total, this tool contains 158,832 family files. Currently, these cover a period that spans from the beginning of the Acadian colony to the end of 1849. In addition, 37 locations covering from 1850 to the end of the available registers are included. A list of these locations as well as a more detailed overview of the collection can be found on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

The files usually contain the names and first names of the parents, the first name of the child, the dates of birth and/or baptism, of death and/or burial, and of marriage (a total of 300,934 dates). Links to the original church documents pertaining to the baptisms, marriages and burials mentioned in the file are also usually available.

Acadia – Families‘ search engine and family files
Original document from an Acadia – Families file

The Acadia – Families tool can be browsed with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec at this address.

Subscribe to Genealogy Quebec and trace your ancestors with over 49 million images and documents today!

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

90 new parishes on Genealogy Quebec

The registers of 90 non-Catholic parishes from the Outaouais and Laurentides regions of Quebec have been added to the Drouin Collection Records, one of 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

These registers, acquired from the Quebec Family History Society, contain over 40,000 images and cover up to 1979.

Here are the parishes that were added in this update.

Terrebonne (St. Michael’s Anglican Church)Arundel (Grace Church Anglican)
Arundel (Holiness Movement)Arundel (Methodist Church)
Arundel (Wesleyan Methodist Church)Arundel and Desalaberry (Presbyterian Church)
Avoca and Harrington (Presbyterian Church)Belle-Rivière (Église presbytérienne)
Chatham (Baptist Church)Chatham and Grenville (St. Munro’s Presbyterian Church)
Dalesville (Baptist Church)Dunham Circuit (Methodist New Connexion Church)
Grenville – Mission (Presbyterian Churches)Grenville (Baptist Church)
Grenville (Eastern Congregational Church)Grenville (St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
Grenville Circuit (Methodist Church)Lachute (Baptist Church)
Lachute (First Presbyterian Church)Lachute (Methodist Church)
Lachute (Presbyterian Church)Lachute (Primitive Methodist Church)
Lachute (St. Simeon’s Anglican Church)Lakefield (Methodist Church)
Lakefield (Trinity Anglican Church)Lost River (Presbyterian Church)
Mille Isles (Anglican Church)Mille Isles (Presbyterian Church)
Morin-Heights (Municipalité de)New Glasgow (Anglican Church)
New Glasgow (Methodist Church)New Glasgow (Presbyterian Church)
New Glasgow (United Presbyterian Church)Oka (Methodist Church)
Old Harrington (Methodist Church)Shawbridge (Methodist Church)
St. Andrew’s (Baptist Church)St. Andrew’s (Christ Church Anglican)
St. Andrew’s (Congregational Church)St. Andrew’s (Methodist Church)
St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian Church)St. Eustache (Presbyterian Church)
St. Faustin (Methodist Church)St. Jovite (Methodist Church)
St. Sauveur (Methodist Church)Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville (Église Congrégationnelle)
Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville (Presbyterian Church)Aylmer (Church of England)
Aylmer (Methodist Church)Bryson (Presbyterian Church)
Buckingham (Baptist Church)Buckingham (Church of England)
Charteris (St. Matthew’s)Clarendon (Episcopal Congregation)
Clarendon Centre (Church of England)Fort Coulonge (Presbyterian Church)
Fort Coulonge (United Church)Hull (Methodist Church)
KazabazuaMission of Onslow, Eardley and Bristol (Church of England)
North Wakefield (Wesleyan Methodist Church)Onslow
Petite Nation (Baptist Church)Portage du Fort (Church of England and Ireland)
Quyon (Methodist Church)River Desert (Church of England)
River Desert (Presbyterian Church)Shawville, Bristol and Starch Corners (Presbyterian Church)
Thorne Centre (St. Johannis Gemeinde Lutherian Church)Thorne Township (Zion Gemeinde Lutherian Church)
Thurso (Baptist Church)Thurso (Presbyterian Church)
Township of Alleyn (Church of England)Township of Aylwin (Church of England)
Township of Aylwin (Methodist Church)Township of Aylwin (Presbyterian Church)
Township of Bristol (Church of England)Township of Buckingham (Church of England)
Township of Clarendon (Church of England)Township of Clarendon, Bristol and Litchfield (Church of England)
Township of EardleyTownship of Eardley (Church of England)
Township of Lochaber (Baptist Church)Township of Onslow (Church of England)
Township of Portland (Church of England)Township of Thorne (Church of England)
Township of Thorne and Leslie (Church of England)Township of Wakefield (Church of England)
Village of Aylmer (Methodist Church)Wakefield (Presbyterian Church)

These new images may be browsed with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec in the Drouin Collection Records under the Québec/Registres non-catholiques 1760-1979/ folder.

The Drouin Collection Records tool is a collection of images of parish registers (baptisms, burials and marriages) that covers all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States.

This massive collection contains the entirety of Quebec’s civil registration from 1621 to the 1940s, which encompasses the vast majority of individuals who lived in the province during that period, making it an invaluable tool for genealogical research.

You can browse all of these registers as well as tens of millions of documents of genealogical and historical interest with a subscription to Genealogy Quebec right now!

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

Over a million new images and files – A look back at 2021 on Genealogy Quebec

In 2021, we added more than a million documents and images allowing you to trace your ancestors on Genealogy Quebec, including birth, marriage and death records, headstones, city directories, death notices, memorial cards, historical newspapers and much more!

Thanks to these additions, the Genealogy Quebec website now offers some 49,877,724 images and files which allow you to trace your family’s history in the province and the surrounding area, from the beginnings of the colony to today.

Here is a more detailed overview of the year’s additions.


  • 31,586 new birth, marriage and death records from Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick. (Details)
  • Addition of 1,700,000 marriage records dating from 1850 to today, from the NBMDS tool and Connolly File. (Details)

More information on the LAFRANCE

Browse the LAFRANCE (subscription required)

Obituary section

  • 43 new cemeteries from Quebec (Details)
  • 115,000 new online obituaries
  • 5,350 new memorial cards (Details)
  • Over 500,000 new death notices from Quebec, Ontario and the United States (Details)

More information on the Obituary section

Browse the Obituary section (subscription required)

Connolly File

  • 74,789 new baptism, marriage and burial records (Details)

More information on the Connolly File

Browse the Connolly File (subscription required)

BMD Cards

  • Over 30,000 cards referring to hundreds of thousands of births, marriages and deaths (Details 123)

More information about the BMD Cards tool

Browse the BMD Cards tool (subscription required)

Drouin Institute’s Miscellaneous Collections

  • 31 new historical newspapers totaling for over 100,000 images (Details 12)
  • 35,000 new mariage records from the Directeur de l’État Civil du Québec dating from 2018 and 2019 (Details)

More information on the Drouin Institute’s Miscellaneous Collections

Browse the Drouin Institute’s Miscellaneous Collections (subscription required)

City Directories

  • Addition of the years 1915 to 1978 of Montreal’s Lovell City Directory, 150,000 new images

More information about the City Directories tool

Browse the City Directories tool (subscription required)

Acadia – Families

  • Collection update: 11,453 new family files (Details)

More information on the Acadia – Families tool

Browse the Acadia – Families tool (subscription required)

Drouin Institute’s Blog

Our team continues exploring various topics of genealogical and historical interest on our blog. Here is what we published in 2021.

To conclude, the Drouin team would like to wish you health, happiness and many genealogical discoveries in 2022, and thank you for the trust you have placed in us for now more than 10 years.

Genealogically yours,

The Drouin team

Hundreds of thousands of BMDs added to Genealogy Quebec

9,000 images referencing hundreds of thousands of baptisms, marriages and burials recorded in Montreal have been added to the BMD Cards, one of the 15 tools available to Genealogy Quebec subscribers.

The collection covers the following periods:

  • Non-Catholic baptisms 1760 to 1899
  • Catholic Marriages 1850 to 1899, A to D surnames
  • Civil marriages 1969 to 1975
  • Non-Catholic marriages 1760 to 1925
  • Catholic burials 1642 to 1850, A to B surnames
  • Non-Catholic burials 1768 to 1925

Images from this collection contain references to original records that you can also find on Genealogy Quebec in the Drouin Collection Records.

To demonstrate the process of finding an original record, we will be using John Nicholson’s burial which can be found in this new collection.

The directory gives us all the information necessary to find the original document of this burial: the name of the subject as well as the year and the parish of registration of the event.

John Nicholson was buried in 1817 and his burial is recorded in the Anglican Garrison register in Montreal.

We must now head to the Drouin Collection Records and find the folder pertaining to this register for 1817. Inside it, we will find the original record.

John Nicholson’s burial as found in the Drouin Collection Records

In addition to these new documents, the BMD cards contain some 2.3 million baptism, marriage and burial cards from Quebec, Ontario and the United States.

You will find more information about this collection on the Drouin Institute’s blog.

You can browse the BMD cards collection as well as tens of millions of other documents of historical and genealogical interest by subscribing to Genealogy Quebec today!

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